Contou, Bandung: Delicious Coffee in a Fantastic Old Building

Built inside what looks to be the old garage of a Dutch colonial house, Contou oozes a certain gritty charm that only old buildings can produce.

The walls aren’t freshly painted and rely on a look created over years of painting, scraping and repainting. It’s a great look.Area Outdoor Contou Coffee BandungThe coffee here is fantastic. Silky smooth milk, double ristretto as standard and a perfect ratio of milk making for a great tasting coffee. Susan really enjoyed her mocha as well.Mocha At ContouIt’s worth noting that this is one of the cheaper cappuccinos in Bandung using a proper espresso machine. And for the price, I think it’s fantastic value.Old Building Contou CoffeeSadly, this is one of the few coffee shops in Bandung not offering wifi, so it’s not a place you’ll want to work in.Contou Coffee BandungBut with a charming fitout and some of the best coffee in Bandung, we think it’s a coffee shop you should come to anyway. It’s fantastic.Calico Cat Contou CoffeePS Don’t forget to pat the cute calico!

Jalan Sunda 61, Bandung
Instagram: @contoucoffee
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:00
WiFi: not available
Cappuccino: Rp22.000
Mocha: Rp23.000
* No tax!

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