Diskus Cafe & Bites: Cheap Coffee and Clean Bright Interior

Diskus Cafe is a bright and airy coffee shop located above a very busy food court in the middle of a residential complex near Maranatha Univesity. When we visited it was extremely popular with the university crowd.

We tried a hot red velvet latte and a cappuccino. The cappuccino was strong, full of flavour, good temperature, but a little off on milk texture. But this is a very minor criticism. The coffee was still very good.Cappuccino At Diskus Cafe BandungThe red velvet latte was pretty standard and enjoyable, but nothing different to what you get everywhere else in Bandung. I mean, what else can you do to a red velvet latte?Minuman Di Diskus Cafe BandungThe fitout is really good. The room gets a lot of light and there are lots of clean bright white walls which come up great when you overexpose them in your photos.Diskus Cafe Bites BandungThe little section with 3 tables and cushions on the floor is a popular spot for people who like to sit on the floor. It’s also where most people are getting their instagram photos.Lesehan Area At Diskus Cafe BandungAll in all a good hang out spot with good coffee. They also serve food. Wifi was 10mbps down and 10mbps up when we were there, but we suspect it would be much faster in an empty cafe. Still, it’s fast.

Diskus Cafe & Bites
Jalan Terusan Babakan Jeruk 1 No. 109-111, Bandung
(0815) 6155 2403
Instagram: @diskus_cafe
Opening Hours: 09:30 – 22:00
Red Velvet Latte: Rp19.000
Cappuccino: Rp18.000
* No added tax! (yay!)

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