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I’m a big fan of Evernote, the iPhone and desktop app used to for taking notes, photos and generally organising your thoughts. But one thing is bugging me a lot. Last year I paid about $50 for a premium subscription which for an iPhone app is bloody expensive. The main reason I paid up is that if you want to make sure you can read all of your notes when you aren’t near the internet, you need to make sure that the notes have been downloaded for offline use. This feature is only available via subscription.

Well, that feature does not work. It’s broken. A heap of crap. I could report the problem to Evernote and go through a problem isolation procedure, but I can’t be bothered. I paid $50 for the app to work, not to be dicked around by some tech support guys in order to help fix their errors. So… I’m writing this post just to air my grievance and to let anyone else that searches for evernote offline notebook problems know that the feature is indeed buggy and you have indeed done your dough. Never again will I pay money to evernote and I encourage others to follow suit.

That feels better. Back to regular viewing.


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Absolutely right! This is why I paid Evernote and it appears that it’s no use now. Having to clear cache , reboot, re-install & blah blah is a real pain. Wonder, when, if ever, they are going to post some decent solution for this. Their temporary fixes just wont do it for me anymore. I even read about a couple of unsatisfied users (Read : Disgruntled) so far as “offline notebooks” were concerned on the evernote forums.

It might be so, that others in fact, pay for the premium account but don’t need to access their notes offline so regularly, which is why many don’t even notice the bug. It went unnoticed with me for a long time and am sure, this is what happens with a lot of users too. Anyways, thanks for posting this. Users can thus be aware of this issue.

Really? I was thinking of switching to Evernote from Note Everything and now that I know this, I will not switch.

I basically want a solution that will record notes locally (by default) and then sync to my local PC with a desktop UI. Then when/if I am connected the internet, I don’t care if they also want to sync to their servers, but I certainly don’t need to have my notes on their servers.

And then for Evernote to say that I have to pay for them for their storage space…lame!

@JayZed – Evernote is a great concept and works well in most circumstances. But if you need to access your notes on the iphone when you don’t have an internet connection, don’t bother. Offline notebooks just don’t work.

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