Hara, Bandung: Modern, Stylish and Great for Lunch

When we first arrived at Hara on a Sunday, it reminded us of Ambroggio. And we don’t really like Ambroggio, so we were skeptical about Hara. But in our opinion, Hara is miles better than Ambroggio and somewhere we’d be happy to come back to again and again.

Hara is a big cafe with a hotel above it. The fitout is kind of luxurious, with stylish, unique fixtures and fittings. We especially love all of the different types of chairs. They’re awesome and show that someone paid a lot of attention to these small details.Hara Cafe Kollektiv Hotel BandungLet’s get onto the food. We loved it. We are massive critics of Bandung cafe food. It’s almost always sub-standard. But Hara gets it right. Philly Steak Hara Cafe BandungWe tried the Philly steak croissant and the linguini chicken pesto. The linguini in particular was awesome and chicken was very similar in style to some of the grilled chicken we get in northern Thailand. We’ve never tasted anything like it in Indonesia. Loved it!Chicken Pesto Linguini At Hara BandungThe coffee is excellent and as good as anything in Bandung. Not much else to say when it’s this good.

We really love Hara. Most people seem to be coming here for photos etc at the moment. We hope that once the hype dies down that there are still enough customers to keep this place going because it deserves it. It’s awesome.Drinks Hara CafeWifi clocked in at a very speedy 13mbps down and 20mbps up so that even the biggest YouTube uploads will be done in a matter of minutes.Hara Bandung CafeOfficially one of our favourite cafes for food in Bandung.

Profesor Soetami 62, Bandung
(022) 8200 9777
Instagram: @harabandung
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:00, Fri & Sat until 23:30
Cappuccino: Rp30.000
Sunkist Honey Smoothie: Rp35.000
Philly Steak Croissant: Rp59.000
Linguini Chicken Pesto: Rp59.000
* Add 10% to all prices

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