Spadaa Koffie, Bandung: No Sugar on Sunday (Really), but Everything Else is Good

Spadaa Koffie is a small coffee shop owned by the same people who own Blue Doors. And just like Blue Doors, we think this place is a hit.

Let’s just get a few criticisms out of the way first so we can get onto the good parts. No coffee shop should deny their customers sugar. But Spadaa (and Blue Doors) will not give sugar to their customers on Sunday. It’s the height of coffee snobbery and we hate it with a passion. Secondly, my eggs didn’t have salt on them. That’s it. These are my only criticisms at this stage.Spadaa, Bandung Food And DrinksWe ordered the Mushroom Sliders, Big Breakfast, Magic and fresh juice.

The Mushrooms Sliders was not sliders. It was mushrooms on toast with scrambled eggs. Not sure why they call it sliders. Naming aside, the meal was fabulous. Mushrooms seasoned beautifully, the bread the best in Bandung (yes, amazing sourdough) and the eggs light and fluffy (despite having no salt). A fabulous meal. But not sliders!Spadaa, Bandung FoodThe Big Brekkie was halal meaning beef bacon. I guess you have to compromise when the majority of your customers don’t eat pork. The poached egg was cooked to perfection, mushrooms tasty, bread delightful and the tomato packed with sambal. Delish.

The coffee was predictably very good and in line with the best cafes in Bandung. The juice couldn’t be faulted — freshly squeezed juice pure and simple.Spadaa, Bandung CoffeeThe fitout is completely different to almost anything else in Bandung. A large garden courtyard surround by 4 seating areas.

The seating area on the roof is a winner.Spadaa, Bandung Big TreeIf you need to get work done, the wifi is fast enough at 12mbps down and 4mbps up. There are also plenty of power points if need them as well.

We’re fans on this place. We really are. But they need to cut out this coffee snobbery crap because it doesn’t go down well with customers who simply like sugar in their coffee. They, after all, are the customer.Spadaa, Bandung InsideOne last thing. I’d like to give a big shout out to the 4 guys I spoke to in the upstairs area.

Spadaa Koffie
Jalan Ternate 5, Bandung
Instagram: @spadaakoffie
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 23:00 (food until 21:00)
Mushroom Sliders: Rp47.000
Big Breakfast: Rp70.000
Magic: Rp30.000
Fresh Juice: Rp42.000
* No tax!

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