Sydwic, Bandung: Style Over Substance? You Be The Judge.

Sydwic Bandung takes minimalist styling to the next level with their new cafe on Jalan Cilaki.

We visited on what we were assuming would be a quiet Friday morning, but were greeted by a full house. We’d come a week earlier and also been greeted by a full house, so we can safely say that this place is booming.Back Room SydwicHow long the boom will last is anyone’s guess.

The interior of this place is what all the fuss is about because it is so damn stylish. Stark white walls, fancy furniture a plain marble top bar. The back section of the cafe is where most people want to sit because that’s where the best photos are.Front Room SydwicWe ordered a cappuccino, hot taro latte, cinnamon twist and cheese bun. The drinks were good, the cheese bun was OK and the cinnamon twist was disappointing.

The cinnamon twist is a dense, doughy piece of bread with cinnamon sugar on top. It’s so doughy that it tastes like it’s not cooked properly and we really didn’t like it. But we get the impression that our view is an outlier because it seems as though they sell a lot of them.Cappuccino & cinnamon twistWe haven’t had a chance to try the sandwiches or rice bowls yet, but the cinnamon twist wasn’t in a style we’re happy with, so we probably wouldn’t like the heavier dishes either.

With so many coffee shops opening in Bandung, it gets more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd. And having good coffee and a nice fitout is simply not enough anymore.Hot Taro Latte SydwicWhether Sydwic stands the test of time, only time will tell. But our suspicion is they’re going to have to up their game with the bread first despite the bread coming from the famous Roti Selai.

Coffee prices are quite cheap for Bandung and that will appeal to a particular market. Wifi is fast and free.Best spot at Sydwic Cafe BandungAll in all a good new coffee shop in Bandung that will be loved by many.

Jalan Cilaki 63, Bandung
(022) 727 3656
Instagram: @sydwic
Twitter: @sydwic
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 07:00 – 22:00; Friday-Sunday 07:00 – 23:00
Cappuccino: Rp24.000
Hot Taro Latte: Rp24.000
Cinnamon Twist: Rp11.500
Cheese Bun: Rp5.750

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