Ippolito Specialty Coffee, Seminyak, Bali: Great Coffee and a Free Pool!

We arrived at Ippolito Specialty Coffee expecting the place to be packed like so many other good coffee shops in Seminyak. But what we saw was a place so empty that we thought it was closed when we arrived.

It’s one of the enduring paradoxes of Indonesian cafes. You can be good, but you’re not necessarily going to be popular and I see that a lot in Bandung.Cappuccino at Ippolito Specialty CoffeeA range of food and drinks is served here as well as fantastic coffee. I tried a cappuccino which in my opinion is as good as just about anywhere in Seminyak.

Although we haven’t tried the food, it does come recommended and the menu does look quite tempting.Interior Ippolito CoffeeThe building itself is very instagrammable. Lots of brick, wood, great furniture and walls filled with bottles of wine.

Outside you’ll find the pool area. THE POOL AREA! This area is free for customers of the cafe. So if you want somewhere to swim and eat, but don’t want to pay for a beach club, we think this is the next best thing.Free Swimming Pool at IppolitoThe pool is a thing of beauty and if you don’t get a good instagram shot here, you’re not trying!

We really like this cafe. It does have a bit of a restaurant feel and that’s probably what puts most people off. But don’t be put off. It’s perfectly fine to come here, grab a coffee and set up your laptop. And besides, the wifi is fast!

Ippolito Specialty Coffee
Jalan Lebak Sari, Petitenget, Seminyak
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 23:00
Cappuccino: Rp39.000++
Swimming Pool: FREE


Corner House, Seminyak, Bali: Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

In this very spot used to be a cafe called Corner Store — it burnt down a few years back. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Corner House makes an appearance and it’s very good.

Polished concrete floors, chipped white tiles on the walls reminiscent of an old butcher’s shop and a shaded outdoor area all combine to make this one of the better looking places in Seminyak.Coffee at Corner HouseCoffee here is by Revolver, so you know it’s going to be good. And I can confirm that the coffee does indeed live up to expectations.

The menu is quite extensive and I felt that I would be happy ordering any one of the items on it. In the end I got a ham and cheese toastie. And it was no more and no less than I expected. Lots of cheese, sufficient amounts of leg ham and a few bits of red onion. Definitely tasty and just what I needed for a snack.Ham and cheese Toastie at Corner HouseWifi here is fast and I was consistently getting 20mbit up and down, so it’s a good place to come if you need to do some data intensive stuff.

Interestingly, it wasn’t particularly busy when I was there. I put that down to there being so much competition these days.

Down this end of Seminyak, there seems to be fewer and fewer good cafes and this one certainly stands head and shoulder above the rest. The next really awesome place is probably down at Sisterfields or Revolver.

All in all a really good cafe on the Seminyak scene.

Corner House
Jalan Kayu Ayu (Laksamana) 10A, Seminyak
Opening Hours: setiap hari 07:00 – 23:00
Cappuccino: Rp34.500
Toastie: Rp57.500


Crate Cafe, Batu Bolong, Bali: Too Cool for School or Am I Just Old?

Located in the up and coming area near Pantai Batu Bolong, Crate Cafe is a “too cool for school” cafe serving up a wide range of breakfast and brunch options such as bowls and toasts. Maybe I’m just old because I just don’t get it.

The cafe is bare in appearance with lots of concrete, white tiles and exposed steel beams. It’s a half-built building made into something modern and trendy.Crate Cafe CangguI have to mention the seats. They are crap. Really crap. The concrete benches are too tall and your legs just dangle without any support.

Customers here are your typical tattooed westerners riding big motorbikes, wearing oversized headphones and carrying 5 pounds of attitude. They’re not my people, but this crowd will suit some.Coffee at Crate CafeFood is all cheap by Bali standards with the maximum price being Rp50.000. And it’s a good selection of food too with lots of muesli, bowls, toast and omelettes on the menu.

My French toast was quite good, but far from perfect. Firstly, they’re using strawberries and we all know that strawberries in in Indonesia are hit and miss — usually miss. Today they were sour and pale. Why can’t they used fresh seasonal fruit such as mango, jackfruit, dragonfruit and papaya?French Toast with fruit CrateAdditionally, the egg wash didn’t soak into the bread at all and this made the bread very dry on the inside. The French toast comes in different configurations and both I tried were ok, but I don’t need to try them again.

I really hope I picked the wrong dishes because I want to like this place. But based on what I experienced, I can’t really recommend it.French Toast bacon at CrateSo what’s the verdict? Not bad, but not great either. If you can put up with some of the cheeky crowd and can manage to pick the right dish, you will probably like what’s on offer here.

Crate Cafe
Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong No.64, Canggu
Opening Hours: daily 07:00 – 15:00
Instagram: @cratecafe
Drinks: Rp25.000 – Rp35.000
Food: Rp40.000 – Rp50.000


Grain Cafe, Seminyak, Bali: Aussie Cafe in the Heart of Seminyak

Most of the good cafes these days are either in the far end or Seminyak towards Canggu or in Canggu itself. Grain is an exception as it’s located at the Legian end of Seminyak.

Many of the cafes in Bali are ultra modern and perhaps too over the top modern for some people. If you’re not into the really modern cafes, but still appreciate great food and drink, Grain is for you.Lower Floor Grain CafeLocated not far from Jalan Double Six, it’s quite close to hotels such as The Haven which will be convenient for most people.

We tried pasta and a steak sandwich and both were quite good, but nothing out of this world. In other words, we’d be happy to come here for a meal again, but don’t expect something which is going to blow your mind. And that’s ok. Comfort food done well.Steak Sandwich Grain CafeCoffee here has a good reputation and our friend had a cappuccino which he said was a good one. It certainly looked good!Coffee at Grain CafeThe fitout of the cafe is quite modern and enjoyable to sit in while you surf the wifi. And the wifi is very fast at 25mbit both upload and download.Upper Floor Grain CafeSo what’s our overall view? An enjoyable place for breakfast lunch or dinner in a pleasant environment. Centrally located and fast wifi. Worth a try.

Jalan Seminyak 16B, Seminyak
(0361) 730 528
Instagram: @grainbali
Opening Hours: 07:30 – 22:00
Steak Sandwich: Rp95.000++
Spaghetti asparagus: Rp78.000++
Smoothies: Rp39.000++
Cappuccino: Rp30.000++


Sisterfields, Seminyak: One of my favourite cafes in Bali

Sisterfields is possibly the most popular cafe in all of Seminyak and after you’ve eaten there, you’ll know why.

We’ve been to Sisterfields numerous times over the years and there is a lot to like about it, but not everything is perfect in this hipster haven near Seminyak Square.Sisterfields when it's busyWe recently ordered coffees juices and 4 big dishes. 3 of the dishes were top notch, one of the dishes was poor. So what’s going on?

The egg and bacon baguette was filled to the brim with bacon and fried onion bits and was tasty and generous.Roast Beef Charcoal RollThe roast beef roll was a revelation coming with a pot of luscious gravy and a slathering of mild wasabi. Such a fantastic combination executed beautifully at Sisterfields.French Toast at Sisterfields BaliFrench toast is often disappointing, but at Sisterfields you get one single slice of toast with an awesome quinelle of ice cream and lots of matcha custard. We love this dish!Pancake at Sisterfields BaliThe single dish we hated was the pancake. The pancake actually looks the best, but it was dry and stodgy with no moisture at all. Your mouth instantly becomes clammy and dry. Such an unpleasant experience. What’s more, there seemed to be a lack of sweetness throughout the dish despite a generous amount of berries. It’s almost as if a sauce or syrup was accidentally left off. What’s going on there?Coffee and drinks at SisterfieldsCoffee at Sisterfields is top notch and one of our favourites in Bali. We especially love the texture of the cups the coffee served is in.Expat Coffee next to SisterfieldsWe love Sisterfields and it seems that everyone else does too. At peaks time you’ll wait 20 minutes for a seat in the cafe next door. A highly recommended cafe in Bali despite a few missteps.

Jalan Kayu Cendana 7, Seminyak
Instagram: @sisterfields
Opening Hours: setiap hari 07:00-17:00
Coffee: Rp35.000++
Mixed Juice: Rp46.000++
Brioche French Toast: Rp95.000++
Warm Roast Beef Charcoal Roll: Rp150.000++


Nook, Umalas, Seminyak, Bali

Nook is one of the trendiest cafes in the Seminyak area despite it having already been on the scene for years. A combination of good food and ricefield views insures happy customers.

The building is a light and breezy thing perched right on the edge of one of the last large rice fields in the area. And the ricefield is slowly being eaten away by the rampant development which characterised the rest of the south of Bali.Comfy environment NookWith that in mind, come here before even more of the ricefield disappears.

The menu at Nook is a cross between European and Indonesian and there is generally something here for everyone. We’ve had a range of dishes over the years and everything has been good, but not so spectacular that you’d come here just for the food.bottled juice at NookWe are super disappointed with their cold-pressed juices as they are bought from outside and not juiced in house. Why on earth would we come to a cafe and pay Rp50.000++ when they simply buy their juices from some other place? So so disappointing. For us, it’s enough for us to never come back.Nook Umalas BaliAnd it’s this sort of disappointment that we fear may seep into other parts of the business. But we just can’t know unless we try everything.

Nook is a great place to come and hang out on a hot afternoon, but don’t come here expecting culinary heaven. The food we’ve tried is quite good and the view is still ok. And let’s face it, most people do love Nook!Inside NookRecommended for photos and the relaxing atmosphere.

Jalan Umalas 1, Gang Nook 1, Kerobokan
(0361) 847 5625
Instagram: @nook_bali
Opening Hours: setiap hari 08:00 – 23:00
Rueben sandwich: Rp79.000++
Nasi Goreng: Rp48.000++
Cold pressed juice: Rp50.000++
Cappuccino: Rp28.000++


Peloton Super Shop, Canggu, Bali: Vegan Heaven Close to Seminyak

Located on Jalan Raya Pantai Berawa in an up and coming area of south Bali, Peloton Super Shop is a bicycle themed cafe serving vegan food.

And if vegan food puts you off, please don’t let that stop you from coming here as the food here is delicious.From Above Peloton Supershop Canggu BaliThe design of the of the cafe is modern and comes with a bunch of funky bikes hanging on the wall.Inside Peloton Supershop CangguWe ordered a few dishes and really like the smoothie bowl. Smoothie bowls can take some getting used to if you’re into super sweet breakfasts as often smoothie bowls lack sweetness.Smoothie Bowl Bikers BowlAnd the smoothie bowl at Peloton is just fruit and grains with no added sugar. Ours was mainly filled with sweet fruits and the lack of added sugar was not a problem at all. It was a seriously tasty smoothie bowl.Coffee at Peloton Supershop CangguCoffees here don’t come with milk. There is no milk in this cafe. Your only options are things like almond or soy in order to get your drink how you like it. But if you’re dairy intolerant, you will love the dairy free nature of this place.

My coffee was really strong and bitter and I didn’t like it. I even added sugar to it for the first time in months.Top Floor Peloton SupershopPrices here are slightly lower than similar standard cafes in Bali and we love that.

So what do we think about this place? Well, we’re not vegan, so we prefer our food to be full of animal fat and sugar. And this cafe doesn’t offer that. But if you love vegan food, this is one of the best out there. We are sure you’ll love it.Open Area Peloton Supershop CangguIf you’re not vegan, there are better cafes in the area.

Peloton Supershop
Jalan Raya Pantai Berawa no. 46, Canggu
Instagram: @pelotonsupershop
Opening Hours: setiap hari (Juice Bar 07:30 – 16:30, Kitchen 08:00-16:00)
Biker bowl: Rp55.000++
Coffee: Rp27.000++


Sea Circus, Seminyak, Bali: Colourful and Delicious!

Sea Circus was one of the first modern cafes in Seminyak at the start of the decade when Seminyak was more upmarket than it is today.

As a modern cafe, it’s done incredibly well to keep up with all the modern cafe trends. They’ve always served great coffee, but these days they also sell things like acai bowls kombucha.Sea Circus BaliIn our view, the food and drinks at Sea Circus are as good as they always have been and remain one of our top picks in Seminyak.

Coffee comes smooth and dark and is really good.Coffee at Sea CircusJuices are fresh and sweet without the need for extra sugar.

The fitout of Sea Circus is what really sets it apart from many other cafes in Bali. There’s a real beach feel about it with a bunch of circus lights thrown into the mix. It’s bright and fresh and a perfect tonic if you’re feeling down.Inside area Sea Circus Bali

Interior Sea Circus BaliSea Circus remains one of our Bali favourites and we think it will be one of yours too. Top marks.

Sea Circus
Jalan Kayu Aya 22, Seminyak
Instagram: @seacircus
Opening Hours: setiap hari 08:00 – 01:00
Cappuccino: Rp28.000++
Blended juice: Rp40.000++
Acai bowl: Rp90.000++
Eggs benedict: Rp85.000++


Pison, Seminyak, Bali: A Good All-Rounder

On the number of times we’ve been to Pison, we’ve had completely different experiences. Some have been extremely busy, some really quiet. And it’s the busyness that really changes the nature of this place.

When we visited on a quiet occasion, the service was pleasant and attentive and the vibe of the cafe so chilled and relaxed. But when we visited and the cafe was full, service was very poor and waiters simply didn’t serve us unless we waved them over.Inside Pison CoffeeAdditionally, the vibe was a lot more chaotic and not really that nice. If you love a chaotic vibe, maybe you’d love Pison when it’s busy.Pison Coffee Petitenget BaliThe burger on a red velvet bun we had here was really really good. Generous meat patty, brioche-like bun and tasty cheese. It all sat together nicely so that you could pick it up and smash it.Red Velvet BurgerThe coffee here is also very good and up there with some of the best in Bali.Drinks at Pison CoffeeSo while we think this is a very good cafe, we don’t really like it when it gets too busy.View from above Pison Coffee BaliSo will we come again? Absolutely. It’s just one of those places that is nice to come with a coffee and your laptop.

Pison Coffee
Jalan Petitenget 8A, Seminyak
(0812) 383 4986
Instagram: @pisoncoffee
Jam bu: Minggu – Jumat 08:00-23.00, Sabtu 08:00 – 00:00

Cappuccino: Rp30.000++
Iced Taro: Rp35.000++
Red Velvet Burger: Rp65.000++


The Fat Turtle, Seminyak, Bali: A Top Spot for Brekky

Located on Jalan Petitenget right next to Biku, The Fat Turtle is a casual cafe serving up toast and pancakes and great coffee. A great place for a slow and leisurely breakfast!

The cafe is small with old fashioned tiles, sewing machine tables and hipster lights. We found the tables to be slightly small for groups of 4, but we managed anyway. If you’re a couple wanting to come here, there’s plenty of room.Inside Area Fat Turtle Seminyak BaliWe ordered a range of dishes and all were quite good. The red velvet pancakes came topped with cream and were tasty and moist.Red Velvet Pancakes Fat TurtleThe banana bread French toast was also moist, but some might think it’s too small. We like the size.Banana Bread French Toast Fat Turtle BaliThe corn fritters were awesome and the addition of the avocado purée was a good choice in order to keep the dish from being too dry.

The coffee was too notch and pretty much in line with what we expect in Bali these days.Coffee at Fat Turtle BaliWe’re fans of this place and would be happy to come back here again for breakfast or lunch. A good solid cafe for those in need of sustenance in Seminyak and one of the better places around.

The Fat Turtle
Jalan Petitenget 886A, Seminyak
Instagram: @thefatturtlebali
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 18:00
Red Velvet Pancakes: Rp55.000++
Banana Bread French Toast: Rp45.000++
Corn Fritters: Rp55.000++
Cappuccino: Rp25.000++