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A constantly updated list of all the coffee shops I visit in Bandung. So far I’ve visited more than 50 cafes and coffee shops in Bandung and I’ve reviewed almost all of them.

Goutte Coffee Tea

Goutte Coffee & Tea, Bandung: Drink Coffee While Relaxing in a Courtyard Garden

Goutte is a tiny coffee shop located in the creative working space called Taman Tengah not too far from the busyness of Jalan Riau.

It’s such a peaceful space that you can hardly believe the hustle and bustle of Jalan Riau is so close. Not only is it peaceful, the fit out the garden area is tastefully designed and pleasing to the eye.Taman Tengah GoutteFive large picnic tables serve as the space for sitting and opening a laptop or nongkronging with your friends.

We tried a iced banana latte and an iced coffee. Both delivered what they promised — icy cold flavoured milk in a plastic cup. We weren’t disappointed.Drinks At Goutte Coffee TeaThe shared wifi here was extremely slow when we tried it and there were no other customers. 0.5mbps both up and down. But when we tried the Goutte private wifi, it was much fast at 10/1.5. So if you want to work here, make sure you choose the Goutte wifi rather than the communal one.Goutte Coffee Tea BandungOther than that, we really liked this place. It’s just a shame that it’s not as popular as it should be.Taman Tengah BandungLastly, we need to talk about price. This is one of those CHEAP coffee shops. With coffee under Rp20.000 and good wifi, it’s a great place for ppl on a budget.

Goutte Coffee & Tea
Jalan Wira Angun-angun (Taman Tengah), Bandung
Instagram: @goutte.co
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 21:00, Fri from 13:00
Banana Latte: Rp15.000
Iced Coffee: Rp18.000

Please Please Please Bandung

Please Please Please, Bandung: Good Food & Coffee, Really Weird Fitout

Please Please Please is a place which has been crazy popular for a couple of years now especially on weekends when hordes of Jakartans descend on the cafe.

So of course we just had to try it out to see if lives up to the hype. And for us, it does not live it up to the hype. And here’s why.Please Please Please BandungWhen you walk in to Please Please Please, you’re immediately presented with a really weird fit out. It’s clearly an old building which has had some renovations done on it, but not everywhere. So in some areas you get a modern feel, in some areas it’s really old fashioned. And old fashioned in a bad way.Please Please Please Progo BandungNot only that, the old parts of the building haven’t really been looked after with evidence of sticky tape on the walls, window frames and some tables. It just looks like someone forgot to clean it up. The fitout really annoys me.Cofffee At Please Please PleaseThe coffee tasted brilliant. Two minor gripes. It was luke warm. And it was served in the wrong cup. But I have to say that the flavour of the coffee and texture of the milk made up for these two minor criticisms. It was excellent.Hor Lee Fuk Fried RiceThe food was good too. We had the Ho Lee Fuk Rice and Salted Egg Chicken Rice Bowl. Both were tasty and good quality.Nasi Ayam Saus Telur AsinSo while we really don’t like the fitout of this place, it’s still quite a good cafe to come to. Just forget about all the hype you see on social media as this hype sometimes has the effect of raising your expectations too high. Just come here and enjoy a good meal and excellent coffee.

Wifi 4mbps down & 2.5mbps up. Not really a place for working.

Please Please Please
Jalan Progo 37, Bandung
(022) 2051 2715
Instagram: @ppplease.eat
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00, Fri & Sat until 23:00
Ho Lee Fuk Rice: Rp59.000
Salted Egg Rice Bowl: Rp49.000
Magic: Rp28.000
Vitamin Booster: Rp38.000
* All prices add 15% tax & service

Wheelers Coffee Bandung

Wheeler’s Coffee, Bandung: Strong, Quality Coffee

In Bandung these days, you really have to be special if you want to be a coffee shop which stands out from the crowd. It’s not good enough to have a good coffee shop. You need something different or something which is the best.

Wheeler’s Coffee is good and we enjoyed our drinks here. We also enjoyed nongkronging on the lounge listening to the music and surfing the internet. But to be honest, you can do this in many places in Bandung these days. So while we really like Wheeler’s Coffee, we’re asking ourselves what it is that’s going to bring us back next time.Wheelers CoffeeI had a magic and Susan had a caramel macchiato. The magic was super strong and very enjoyable. It’s what we expect in Bandung these days. Good reliable strong coffee. They do that well here at Wheeler’s Coffee.Coffee At Wheelers CoffeeThey also have a range of dishes to eat here such as ham & cheese sandwich, salad bowl and crispy chicken sandwich. We didn’t try the food.Cozy Sofa At Wheelers CoffeeThe fit out of the cafe is pleasant enough with a couple of lounges to sit on and a few tables to work out. There’s and outdoor area for those who smoke.Wheelers Coffee Jalan VeteranThe wifi here is quite fast. 20mbps down and 4mbps up. I’d be very happy to come here and open a laptop to get some work done.

All in all a good coffee shop with good coffee. Worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Wheeler’s Coffee
Jalan Veteran 21, Bandung
Instagram: @wheelers_coffee
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 07:30 – 21:00, Fri-Sun until 22:00
Magic: Rp30.000
Caramel Macchiato: Rp32.000
No tax!

Lazy Lolla, Bandung Front

Lazy Lolla, Bandung: Disappointing All Round, Lots of Room to Improve

Lazy Lolla is one of those places that has been promoted crazily by Bandung food bloggers over the past few months and we just had to try it out for ourselves. Is the food really like that of a 5 star hotel? Amazing? Awesome?

Well, all we can say is that we didn’t feel quite excited about Lazy Lolla as many food bloggers. We ordered a cappuccino, taro shake, nasi goreng lazy lolla and creamy chicken mushroom and vegetable.Lazy Lolla, Bandung Food And DrinkFirstly, the food tasted quite good. The nasi goreng was wrapped in an omelette as you might get in Thailand and was quite decent. But it’s not as good as the Nasi Goreng Cikur you can get next door at Roempi. The Creamy Chicken was also not bad and something that most people would be happy with.Lazy Lolla, Bandung FoodBut the coffee wasn’t good. My cappuccino had good temperature, but the milk was frothed in a very old school style and the overall flavour wasn’t nice. I wouldn’t order this coffee again. The Taro Shake was quite good and we were happy with that.Lazy Lolla, Bandung DrinksThe fitout here is spacious and quite comfortable, but I was a bit confused about the big lounge chairs. They didn’t seem to match.Lazy Lolla, Bandung InsideI tested the internet at 16mbps down and 4mbps up which is fast enough for most things that people want to do. It’s actually a pretty relaxed place to open a laptop and get things done!

Prices here are low. In fact, they are super cheap for the sort of place they are. Thumbs up.Lazy Lolla, Bandung Coffee MachineSo all in all, Lazy Lolla is a pretty good place, but the standard in Bandung is so high right now that they need to be better.

Lazy Lolla
Jalan Anggrek 29, Bandung
Instagram: @lazy.lolla
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 23:00
Cappuccino: Ro22.000
Taro Shake: Rp25.000
Nasi Goreng: Rp31.500
Creamy Chicken: Rp35.000
* Add 15.5% tax & service to all items

Spadaa Koffie, Bandung: No Sugar on Sunday (Really), but Everything Else is Good

Spadaa Koffie is a small coffee shop owned by the same people who own Blue Doors. And just like Blue Doors, we think this place is a hit.

Let’s just get a few criticisms out of the way first so we can get onto the good parts. No coffee shop should deny their customers sugar. But Spadaa (and Blue Doors) will not give sugar to their customers on Sunday. It’s the height of coffee snobbery and we hate it with a passion. Secondly, my eggs didn’t have salt on them. That’s it. These are my only criticisms at this stage.Spadaa, Bandung Food And DrinksWe ordered the Mushroom Sliders, Big Breakfast, Magic and fresh juice.

The Mushrooms Sliders was not sliders. It was mushrooms on toast with scrambled eggs. Not sure why they call it sliders. Naming aside, the meal was fabulous. Mushrooms seasoned beautifully, the bread the best in Bandung (yes, amazing sourdough) and the eggs light and fluffy (despite having no salt). A fabulous meal. But not sliders!Spadaa, Bandung FoodThe Big Brekkie was halal meaning beef bacon. I guess you have to compromise when the majority of your customers don’t eat pork. The poached egg was cooked to perfection, mushrooms tasty, bread delightful and the tomato packed with sambal. Delish.

The coffee was predictably very good and in line with the best cafes in Bandung. The juice couldn’t be faulted — freshly squeezed juice pure and simple.Spadaa, Bandung CoffeeThe fitout is completely different to almost anything else in Bandung. A large garden courtyard surround by 4 seating areas.

The seating area on the roof is a winner.Spadaa, Bandung Big TreeIf you need to get work done, the wifi is fast enough at 12mbps down and 4mbps up. There are also plenty of power points if need them as well.

We’re fans on this place. We really are. But they need to cut out this coffee snobbery crap because it doesn’t go down well with customers who simply like sugar in their coffee. They, after all, are the customer.Spadaa, Bandung InsideOne last thing. I’d like to give a big shout out to the 4 guys I spoke to in the upstairs area.

Spadaa Koffie
Jalan Ternate 5, Bandung
Instagram: @spadaakoffie
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 23:00 (food until 21:00)
Mushroom Sliders: Rp47.000
Big Breakfast: Rp70.000
Magic: Rp30.000
Fresh Juice: Rp42.000
* No tax!

Kuro Coffee, Bandung Coffee

Kuro Koffee (Papaya Supermarket), Bandung: Awesome Anti-Mainstream Coffee Shop with Great Coffee

If you like small and cozy coffee shops that aren’t overrun with the Instagram crowd, you’re going to absolutely love Kuro Koffee.

This coffee shop is the sort of place you come to if you love great coffee without all the fuss that goes along with it in many places. In other words, a coffee lover’s dream.Kuro Coffee, BandungI ordered a latte and it was excellent. Served in a custom porcelain cup from Japan, I loved that they were happy to experiment with a different cup. I love it.Kuro Coffee, Bandung SusanSusan’s Sakura Lemonade was too sweet for my liking because she mixed all the sugar syrup in. But the flavour itself was fantastic and a little bit different to most drinks you find in Bandung.Kuro Coffee, Bandung DrinksPrices here a very good for the qualily. Rp25.000 for that cafe latte was brilliant.

The fitout is really quite pleasant. Air conditioned inside, pleasantly cool outside (the smoking area). There are a couple places to sit and open a laptop and the wifi is fast with 20mbps down and 4mbps up.Kuro Coffee, Bandung Outside AreaThey also do a range of food, but we haven’t tried that yet.

Kuro Koffee is one of my new favourite coffee shops in Bandung. The focus is on quality and not just trying to follow the latest trend. Awesome.Kuro Coffee, Bandung Coffee Machine

Note: A new outlet has just opened in Paskal Hypersquare.

Kuro Koffee
Jalan Sukaasih 1, Bandung (Inside Papaya Supermarket)
Instagram: @kurokoffee
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 21:00 (Sun from 10:30)
Cappuccino: Rp25.000
Sakura Lemonade: Rp30.000

Mr Guan, Bandung

Mr. Guan Coffee & Books, Bandung: Incredible Old Building Worth Visiting for Coffee

If you’re sick of the same same feel of Bandung coffee shops with their white concrete walls and floors and lots of industrial steel, you’re going to love Mr. Guan Coffee & Books.

Mr. Guan isn’t the first coffee shop to open inside of an old colonial house, but I think they’re probably doing it the best right now. The fitout is really awesome with original tiles, lots of old style furniture and a colour scheme that takes me straight back to 1940. It really is something.Mr Guan, Bandung CounterThe coffee here is good too. They do a bunch of manual brew stuff, but there also have an espresso machine if you’re into cappuccinos and the like.Mr Guan, Bandung DrinksAside from drinks, they also have a menu of light bites and some rice based dishes. It’s all very reasonably priced and far below what you expect to pay at Bandung’s top cafes these days.Mr Guan, Bandung InsideMr Guan, Bandung DoorThere are plenty of tables for working on and the internet here is fast. I tested it 11mbps down and 29mbps up. I get the impression that it goes faster than that as well if you’re here when it’s not so busy.Mr Guan, Bandung Sitting In Front Of WindowOne last point. The outdoor are is lovely and a perfect spot for those who love to smoke and drink coffee.

Mr. Guan Coffee & Books
Jalan Tamponas No.22, Bandung
Instagram: @mrguancoffee
Opening Hours: 09:00 – 22:00
Cappuccino: Rp25.000
Ice Matcha Susa: Rp25.000
* No tax!

911 Coffee Lab, Bandung

9/1/1 Coffee Lab, Bandung: Good and Cheap Coffee Shop Where You Can Hang Out and Smoke

With so many expensive coffee shops in Bandung doing great coffee, we sometimes wonder why people aren’t trying to tap into the cheaper market by producing great coffee at a great price. 9/1/1 Coffee Lab fits the bill perfectly by doing great tasting coffee for a price with is half what you often pay elsewhere.

Located in small building on Jalan Saparua, 9/1/1 Coffee Lab (sometimes written 911 Coffee Lab) has as many seats outside as inside. This means that if you’re a smoker, there are plenty of places to sit back, have a coffee and a cigarette. Inside or outside. This also means that if you hate smoking, you probably won’t like this place.911 Coffee Lab, Bandung InsideThe drinks we had were good, but quite a distance from the best in Bandung. That said, they were better than we had in our recent 2 week trip through Europe which generally has bad coffee.911 Coffee Lab, Bandung Coffee ToolsMy cappuccino was made manually without an espresso machine. The coffee was good, but I’m afraid it was too cold. Only lukewarm. Still, worth every cent I paid given it’s so cheap.911 Coffee Lab, Bandung CoffeeAt Rp16.000, it’s one of the cheapest milk based coffees in Bandung and certainly the best at this price point. Perhaps why the cafe seems to be so popular.

The menu has a range of typical snacks such as pisang goreng for good prices.

If you’re price conscious but still like good coffee, come here. It’s really good.911 Coffee Lab, Bandung MuralWifi barely worked when I visited.

9/1/1 Coffee Lab
Jalan Halmahera 2, Bandung
(0813) 1373 7389
Instagram: @911_coffee
Opening Hours: daily 08:00 – 23:00
Cappuccino: Rp16.000
Red Velvet Latte: Rp20.000
Pisang Goreng: Rp15.000
Cake: Rp5.000 (cheap!)
Muffin: Rp8.000 (cheap!)
*No tax added!!!

U Coffee Bandung

U Coffee, Bandung: Good quality, Cheap, Good Environment & Fast Wifi

We saw U Coffee some time ago when zooming past and promised we would go back at some stage. And we’re glad we did, because it’s a good one.

Located next to the driving range on Jalan Lombok, it looks small from the outside but opens up considerably once you walk inside. There’s a lot of space to hang out, open a laptop and basically just kill time. And it’s quite a pleasant place to hang out as well.U Coffee Bandung Side RoomI ordered a cappuccino and it was excellent. Silky milk, extremely strong coffee taste and quite hot. At Rp23.000, it was a bargain. Especially because it’s made with an espresso machine (not common at this price point).U Coffee Bandung CoffeSusan’s iced lemon tea was just normal. Nothing special there except 2 slices of Indonesian lemon/lime.U Coffee Bandung CounterWifi here is very fast. I clocked download at 15mbps and uploads at 21mbps. That was with a bunch of school kids on laptops upstairs doing who knows what with the wifi (surfing porn). It’s fast and that is a massive bonus.U Coffee Bandung DrinksFood options range from snacks such as tahu with chilli all the way through to pizza and spaghetti. Good one.U Coffee Bandung SnacksI really like this place. Good quality, cheap, good environment and fast wifi. A great combo that makes this place a winner in my eyes.

U Coffee
Jalan Lombok 10, Bandung
(0822) 8228 5000
Instagram: @ucoffee.bdg
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:00
Cappuccino: Rp23.000
Ice Lemon Tea: Rp20.000
Tahu Garang: Rp22.000
* Add 5% service

Marka Coffee Bandung Counter

Marka Coffee & Cafe, Bandung: Coffee Fantastic, Comfy Fitout, So-so Food

We are always excited to try new cafes and coffee shops in Bandung and Marka is no different.

The cafe is set over 2 floors with loads of natural light, concrete and wood. It’s a typical cafe scene in Bandung and Marka really does a good job of providing a modern yet comfortable space.Marka Coffee Bandung SwingOn the lower floor there are a couple of swings for children and we noticed that this was a selling point for some customers who were happy to have a second coffee while their kids played.

We ordered the chicken sandwich, karaage chicken, a magic and iced lime ginger tea. And overall we though it was just OK, but with massive potential.Marka Coffee Bandung Coffee MachineFirstly I have to say that the magic was sensational and I’d happily come here again for that. I’d even highly recommend it to my friends it was so good. The lime ginger tea was tasty, but Susan couldn’t really taste the ginger.Marka Coffee Bandung Coffee And TeaNow onto the food. Bandung cafe food has traditionally been very poor. But recently there have been a few cafes trying to do better and they’re now charging high prices for it. But for high prices, we expect quality. And to be honest, the quality still doesn’t justify the price. And Marka, sadly, is no differently

The chicken sandwich was disappointing. Each component of the sandwich when tasted in isolation was quite good. Especially the bread. The bread was awesome. But the ingredients of the sandwich managed to seep down to the bottom slice of bread and make it soggy. Like really soggy so that it became mush. No one wants to eat mushy bread.Marka Coffee Bandung FoodI sort of expected the sandwich to be edible with my hands, but that wasn’t possible mainly because it was extremely wet and the chicken was chopped into tiny pieces. Perhaps I should have asked first, but I was kind of expecting a big chunk of grilled chicken. I think that would have been preferable. All in all, nice components, but not a dish I could recommend.

The karaage was coated in salted egg wash of some sort. The karaage was enjoyable and on its own was very good. But again, as a dish, it failed. Mainly because it’s served with rice and a dollop or coleslaw and nothing else. So your mouth kind of gets dry and you sort of need a beer to wash it all down with. Which is what you would do in a bar in Japan.Marka Coffee Bandung From AbovePerhaps the karaage would be better served as a special snack with some dipping sauces, no rice, no coleslaw.

We were really impressed with internet speeds here. We consistently got speeds of 26mbps down and 5 mbps up despite a busy cafe. There are also plenty of tables to work from and a few spots with electricity sockets.

This cafe has so much potential. It really does. Someone here knows what they’re doing when it comes to food and coffee. We just think they need to adjust a few of the menu items so they work as whole dishes and they will be well on their way to being one of the best cafes in Bandung.

We look forward to whether they hit the mark in the future.

Marka Coffee
Jalan Talaga Bodas 32, Bandung
(0813) 1331 7009
Instagram: @marka.cafe
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 21:00 (Sat until 22:00)
Magic: Rp25.000
Iced Lime Ginger Tea: Rp25.000
Chicken Sandwich: Rp65.000
Karaage Chicken: Rp40.000
* Add 15.5% tax & service