Yumaju 2.0 Jalan Menado, Bandung: One of the Very Best Coffee Shops in Bandung

This is the second outlet of the extremely popular Yumaju coffee shop which opened a couple of years back and it keeps the slick operating principles of the original shop going strong.

I was never a great fan of the original Yumaju primarily because it was always so busy when I went there. Yet, they do have fantastic coffee and some yummy pastries. And so it is with this new location. Great coffee, tasty pastries but a much better location in my view.

The shop itself is quite small, but they have only put 3 tables in there which means there is a limit to the number of people who will cram in at one time. This is a good thing.Yumaju Coffee 2 BandungWhat most people love is the outdoor area which is large and shaded by some massive trees. It’s such a fantastic space to just hang out with a coffee.Coffee At Yumaju 2.0 BandungAnd that’s what makes the new Yumaju such a winner. Great coffee with a space that is big enough to not feel jammed in. It’s actually one of the best coffee shops in Bandung.Area Outdoor Yumaju 2.0 Jalan Manado Bandung Yumaju 2.0 Coffee Shop BandungWiFi is a reasonable 22mbps down and 8mbps up and there are a lot of electricity sockets, even outside. It’s a top spot to work, top spot for coffee and a top spot to nongkrong. Come here.

Yumaju Jalan Menado
Jalan Menado, Bandung
Instagram: @yumajucoffee
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00; Sat & Sun until midnight
WiFi: 22down/8up
White Magic: Rp30.000
Chocolate Danish (yum!): Rp24.500
* No Tax

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