Boyle’s Coffee, Bandung: Korean Coffee in Bandung!

Boyle’s Coffee is originally from Korea and specialises in “Dutch Coffee”. It’s mainly drip coffee done in a special way to accentuate the flavour of the coffee. It’s all pretty technical and serious.

But given that I really love coffee, but hate the science behind it all, I opted for a standard cappuccino which I understand more than a technical cold brew. And I must say it was a pleasant cappuccino and worthy of a place on the Bandung coffee scene.Boyles Coffee Bandung CounterSusan had a green tea latte which came in a mammoth tall glass as big as my forearm. It was predictably enjoyable — you really can’t go too wrong with those things.Boyles Coffee DrinksWe also ordered some food and it was pretty good, but nothing I come away raving about. I got the Tortilla Chicken crispy which was basically a fried chicken wrap with lots of vegetables. To be honest, I appreciated all the vegetables. Some people might prefer more chicken. Susan got the spaghetti meatball which was an Indonesian style spaghetti dish. Something I’m not a fan of, but I know many Indonesians enjoy including Susan. (Indonesian-style meatballs and Indonesian style tomato sauce)Food Boyles CoffeeThe interior is a bit weird. I think they’ve gone for the stark, sterile white look, but it usually doesn’t work so well in Indonesia due to wonky painting and dirt on the walls. And it doesn’t really work here. The outside area is actually where more people choose to nongkrong and smoke.Special Room Boyles CoffeeThe wifi here is fast and there are plenty of tables to work from. I clocked 20mbps both down and up and uploaded a 6 minute high definition video in a few minutes.

All in all a decent addition to the Bandung coffee scene and somewhere that will attract more of the middle aged crowd than many other youthful cafes. And that’s not a bad thing.

Boyle’s Coffee
Kompleks Surya Setra Blok C No.2, Bandung
(022) 200 5528
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:00
Cappuccino: Rp32.000
Green Tea Blend: Rp40.000
Tortilla Chicken Crispy: Rp50.000
Spaghetti Meatball: Rp48.000
* All prices add 15.5%

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