Ceritera, Bandung: Cafe with lots of Potential

Sometimes when you visit a place you are immediately impressed by the design, fitout and aspect of the property and Ceritera is one of those. So much so that I thought this would be one of my favourite cafes in Bandung. But it’s not. Far from it.

When you arrive at this cafe, you’re immediately drawn to the view — a view I first came to know when I moved to Ciumbuleuit many moons ago. And this cafe makes the most of this view with a special tiered outdoor area and a fantastic interior with balcony overlooking the valley. It’s brilliant and has one of the best feels of any cafe in Bandung.Area Luar Ceritera Bandung CiumbuleuitBut there are problems. When I was there, staff were having problems with the steam coming out of the machine, but they served me up a coffee anyway and the milk was awful. Thin, watery and unpleasant. The flavour of the coffee was nice, but it was ruined by the milk. Sorry, not good enough.Ceritera Coffee Shop BandungSusan’s iced coffee was excellent and the pisang aroma we had was quite good too. But that cappuccino… no no no.

I tried to get the wifi working here, but no matter what I did, it wouldn’t connect. Susan managed to connect and got 17mbps down and 7mbps up. Definitely fast enough for work, but only if you can connect.Coffee At CeriteraThe inside area has plenty of tables and chairs with electricity sockets, so you could easily spend a few hours here working.Interior Ceritera Kopi BandungThis is a cafe with plenty of potential. Great fitout in a great location. I believe they know how to serve good coffee and that I was served a bad one because they had some sort of technical problem. Next time I visit, I hope to get a good one.

Jalan Gunung Kencana II no.2, Bandung
(0896) 4739 0281
Instagram: @_ceritera
Opening Hours: 09:00 – 23:00
WiFi: 17down/7up
Cappuccino: Rp25.000
Es Kopi Titik: Rp20.000
Pisang Aroma: Rp20.000
* No added tax

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