Eiger Coffee, Jalan Dago, Bandung: My Favourite Bag Shop with Coffee Shop Inside in the World

I really love this place and I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s the unique but highly stylish furniture. Maybe it’s the fitout of the shop. Maybe because it’s so spacious.

Who knows? But one thing is for sure that this place is a great place to come and have a coffee and perhaps get a bit of work done.Counter Eiger Coffee DagoOpening in the second half of 2016, Eiger Coffee Jalan Dago is basically half coffee shop, half bag shop. But it’s not just any old bag shop or coffee shop. It’s designed to be ultra modern and to give a feel of premium quality. And you know what? They pull it off really well.

The tables are made from wood and concrete and each have a power point. The chairs are different from standard cafe chairs and are comfortable, but also stylish.Seats Eiger CoffeeOn the counter is a jug of free infused water as well as a selection of cakes.

There are also a few high stools for those who like to drink their coffee while looking down on others…….Eiger Coffee and bag storeSurprise surprise. The smoking area out the front is actually really good. Not just an add-on as is the case in most coffee shops.Coffee bar Eiger coffeeThe brewing area is a thing of beauty which everything looking really stylish and the lighting setting it all off.

We also appreciated the funky murals, random wooden bike and other associated design related things. It feels good to be here.Espresso machine Eiger CoffeeThe coffee I had was of the standard you’d expect in Bandung these days. Very good. Price is about middle of the road.

The honey bunny sweety was awesome and something we’d come here specifically for.Coffee at Eiger CoffeeThe wifi here is shit. It needs to be fixed. It took me ages to get into it and when I finally did, it was too slow for Bandung standards. Yeah, I could do a bit of browsing, but it would drive me crazy if I had something important to do on it.Mural Eiger Coffee Dago BandungWifi aside, everything at Eiger Coffee is awesome. This place brings a new angle to coffee shops in Bandung and is something that others will need to work hard to catch up to.

Eiger Coffee
Jalan Dago 88, Bandung
Opening Hours: daily 08:00 – 21:00
Cappuccino: Rp25.000
Honey bunny sweety: Rp25.000

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