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IMLAC Contact Details

OK, so I know that people are searching the internet for more information on learning Indonesian in Indonesia… and specifically the contact details of the language school IMLAC in Bandung. Well, here they are.


Address: IMLAC, Jalan Gunung Agung No. 16, Bandung 40142, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

My advice is to contact Maria via email. She is the office manager and can help with visas, visa advice, schedules, costs etc. These are the contact details for the office in Bandung, but Maria can put you in touch with the other offices (eg Salatiga) if you need those details. Maria can speak English, so don’t worry about any language barrier. Note:¬†These details were correct as of 2012, but IMLAC now has a website which might be more up to date.

A brief note on costs. You can get away with about 4,000,000 rupiah (US$440) per month per person when living here in Bandung and studying at IMLAC. That is the costs of visa, tuition, rent and food. You can probably do it slightly cheaper, most will spend more than that (mainly to eat at restaurants, hire a maid, do fun stuff, buy nice things).

Happy to field questions.

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Hope to get the website of the IMLAC Bandung.
Also want to know whether the school has On-line language program or not.
If has, kindly let me know the cost as well.


Hi. I don’t think IMLAC has a website, so it’s best to either email them or call them. I’m pretty sure they don’t have an online course. The best thing about their course is the interaction and immersion you get with the face to face teachings. Definitely worth attending!

I would like to learn Indonesian language. Please let me know how could I enroll your school and get a Visa. I would like to study the language at least one year. I will company my wife. In that case does she get a family visa?

Hi. You’ll need to contact IMLAC directly. Maybe try calling them on +62 22 203 2398.

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