Kamar Tujuh, Bandung – Tiny Coffee Shop, Great Style

This is a tiny little coffee shop in an old colonial building next to an old hotel and I love it.

There’s only enough room to seat 8 inside at the bench (plus a few at the bar) and about another 10 outside. They’ve managed to give the coffee shop a slightly modern feel despite keeping all the old windows and a few pieces of old furniture.Kamar Tujuh insideI ordered a cappuccino and it was strong with well textured milk. It was a winner in my mind. Susan’s tea was a specialty green tea and she enjoyed that.Kamar Tujuh Bandung coffeeInternet is very fast with downloads well above 20mbps and uploads over 40mbps, so it’s definitely a place to come if you need to do some work. But to be honest, most people are here to just hang out with friends!Kamar Tujuh old TVThere’s a lot to like about this relaxing place that puts its emphasis on good coffee and a few cakes. Staff were pleasant and helpful and it’s somewhere I want to come back to.

Kamar Tujuh
Jalan Cilamaya No.1, Bandung
Instagram: @kamartujuh.bdg
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 21:00
Cappuccino: Rp26.000
Green Tea: Rp25.000

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