Kopi Alit, Bandung: Tasty Coffee in this Small Coffee Shop in an Alley

I really love this coffee shop. Not only because it’s cute, small and peaceful but also because it’s run by an enthusiastic young woman in a city dominated by coffee shops run by men. It’s proof that women can operate coffee shops as good as or if not better than men.

The fitout of the shop is lovely — small, cozy, clean white walls with handmade wooden stools. There’s a little outdoor area for those wanting to smoke and drink coffee.Coffee At Kopi Alit BandungI had a cappuccino and Susan had an iced coffee. Both were fantastic. And what’s better, the prices were so low — one of the cheapest espresso-based coffees in Bandung made from a proper machine. Susan particularly liked the taste of her iced coffee because it didn’t just taste like sweet milk, like many iced coffees in Bandung. It had real depth of flavour.Kopi Alit Coffee Shop BandungThe cappuccino wasn’t a strong one and my preference would be to have a double shot next time. Still, the flavour was great, the temperature bang on and the milk textured perfectly.

The WiFi here is really quite fast at 16mbps down and 17mbps up — your youtube video is going to upload really fast! There isn’t a lot of space to work here, but you could open your laptop for an hour so if you needed to, especially outside.Kaya Toast At Kopi AlitOne last point is about access. Kopi Alit is in a narrow gang only accessible by foot and motorbikes. Cars have to either park on Jalan Pagarsih or Jalan Cibadak and then walk. We actually like this a lot. It gives the place a bit more a “hidden gem” feel and definitely makes it feel a lot more low-key and not so flashy like so many other new coffee shops in Bandung.Kopi Alit BandungKopi Alit is the new low-key coffee hang out in Bandung and we love it.

Kopi Alit
Gang Nyi Empok 19, Bandung (between Cibadak and Pagarsih)
(0813) 2456 2703
Instagram: @kopialit19
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00
WiFi: 16down/17up
Cappuccino: Rp16.000
Es Kopi: Rp18.000
* No tax!

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