Kopi Toko Djawa, Bandung: Fantastic Iced Coffee on Jalan Braga

The coffee scene in Bandung is so so odd. Having the best coffee or best fitout means almost nothing. You don’t have to be the best to be the busiest and Kopi Toko Djawa is a case in point.

The coffee here is below Bandung standard. I had the cappuccino and it was ok, but nothing like what you expect in Bandung these days. Susan’s es kopi toko djawa was refreshing and is actually what everyone is coming here for.Coffee Shop Kopi Toko Djawa BandungIced coffee with palm sugar is their specialty and people absolutely love it. And I have to agree that an iced coffee with palm sugar is 10x better than with regular white sugar.Iced Coffee Toko DjawaThe fitout here is basic and anywhere else in Bandung I’d be slamming it. But it works here because of the constant stream of customers coming and going.Busiest Coffee Shop In BandungThere’s no wifi here so don’t plan to come here and set up a laptop. It’s not that sort of place.Kopi Toko Djawa Coffee Shop BandungAnd with that, we have to ask ourselves why Kopi Toko Djawa has so many customers and better coffee shops have hardly any. If you’re in Braga, come here for an iced coffee. It’s good and cheap. But please, also make an effort to visit one of Bandung’s other coffee shops which in my opinion are even better.

Kopi Toko Djawa
Jalan Braga 79, Bandung
Instagram: @kopitokodjawa
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Cappuccino: Rp22.000
Iced Coffee: Rp20.000
* No added tax (yes!)

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