Mimiti @ Sumur Bandung, Bandung (Mimiti Baru): A New Mimiti in a New Location

The original Mimiti was a massive hit with the instagram crowd with its white concrete walls and clean lines and this new Mimiti does the same job, just better.

The old Mimiti has now closed down and this new outlet is in a bigger location in a more trendy area – close to Simpang Dago.Outdoor At MimitiThere is an inside area with air conditioning and an outside area which cops the full brunt of the sun (or rain). I find the inside area to be quite hot because the front door always seems to be open, particularly when it’s busy and the staff are having to walking in and out with both hands full.Mimiti Cafe BandungThey’ve replaced their tiny one group machine with a massive 3 group machine. And to be fair, they seem to be pumping out a lot more coffees these days. The cappuccino I had was up there with the best you can get in Bandung. Very nice.Coffee At MimitiWe also ordered food from next door at Kiri and it was not bad. Most people are going to be fairly happy with what they get. The Penne Verde was probably a bit too small for the price paid.Tuna Pasta At MimitiFood At MimitiAll in all, Mimiti hits the spot again and includes lots of electricity sockets, fast wifi and plenty of places to sit.

Jalan Sumur Bandung 14, Bandung
Instagram: @mimiticoffee
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 08:00 – 20:00, Fri-Sun until 21:00
Cappuccino: Rp32.000
Iced Green Tea: Rp38.000
Penne Verde: Rp49.000
Beef Rice Bowl: Rp49.000
* Add 15% to all food prices.

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