Musat, Bandung: A Few Rough Edges, But Lots of Potential

Opening cafes has become one of the toughest businesses in Bandung over the past few years, but it doesn’t stop prospective owners giving it a crack. The problem is that if you aren’t perfect, customers are going to go elsewhere.

And Musat isn’t perfect despite having quite good coffee.Musat Bandung CounterThe cappuccino I had tasted good, was quite hot (but not too hot), had good milk texture. But drinks here are served in metal camping cups. And for me, that brings down the image of the coffee as well not being enjoyable to drink from.

I understand that serving coffee in a different cup from everyone else makes you stand out from the crowd. And I absolutely love the cups at places like Kinokimi, but they tend to lift the coffee rather than bring it down. I hope they change the cups at this coffee shop as they aren’t enjoyable to drink from.Musat Bandung DrinksSusan really enjoyed her non-coffee option which was some sort of lychee / yakult concoction which was unique.

There is a food place attached to coffee shop if you need something to eat, but I haven’t tried it yet.Musat Bandung OutsideThat aside, the fitout here is quite nice with a tastefully decorated colonial building, a few outdoor spaces and it seems an upstairs area that wasn’t yet open when we were there. It’s probably because they’re using solartuf on their canopy which is the same material as we use at our house and it seems to magnify the heat! Ain’t nobody gonna want sit under that!

It proves that someone is thinking about how to make this place the best it can be and I can see Musat becoming better and better as the months go by. If you’re reading this after about May 2019, it’s probably even better than what I experienced.Musat Bandung InsideWorking here is easy with a long bench (no stools yet, so standing only), a few tables and lots of electricity outlets. WiFi was medium speed when I was there at 20mbps down and 10mbps up.

Musat is an up and coming coffee shop which I can only imagine will get better once they’ve had a chance to smooth a few of the rough edges which currently exist. (And get rid of those cups).

Jalan Cilaki 45, Bandung
(0896) 9753 1802
Instagram: @memusat
Opening Hours: 10:00 – midnight
WiFi: 20down/10up
Cappuccino: Rp25.000
Lychee Yakult: Rp32.000
* No tax!

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