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Travel Writing in Bali!

A little while back I started writing some Bali travel posts documenting my love for Bali and some of the things that I’ve enjoyed doing there. Since I started that process, I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to actually formalise some of my knowledge of Bali by conducting research and writing reviews on behalf of the fabulous company, Travelfish. Travelfish specialise in South East Asia travel guides, primarily in the online world via their website and iphone apps. They have recently expanded their coverage into Indonesia and I will be the writer for the Bali portion.

So I thought this would be a good opportunity to document my experiences travelling around majestic Bali and I’ll therefore be posting some articles about this.

The plan is to spend between 8 and 10 weeks completing this task. I intend to rent a car for most of the time in order to make transport between destinations speedy, but still affordable. I’ve already been through East Bali and I intend to complete a loop of the island before heading inland.

People have constantly been telling me how this is a dream job – and in many ways it is. But I have to keep reminding people that it’s not like some kind of paid holiday. I’ll actually be working the entire time, earning travel writer’s wages and living a fairly isolated existence! But yes, I do feel fortunate to have been given this opportunity, I am passionate about travel and therefore this fits into my general philosophy of pursuing my passions – I plan to make the most of it.

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Go Adam go! From the sounds of it you’ve been doing brilliantly so far. Hitting your stride and I’m sure you’ll continue to figure out efficient (and FUN) ways of making it work.

It is indeed really cool, Adam! I’m so happy for you to get the position! Enjoy the sun and the 35 degree Celsius 😀 Btw, do you go to Goa Lawa and Sangeh? I went there when I was small, and curious how they are now.

Yes, I have already been to goa lawah and sangeh. I was the only tourist there when I visited Sangeh and I was impressed! Especially with the size of the trees in the forest. I love the monkeys but am generally scared of them. 🙂

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