Woodlane, Bandung: Cheap Coffee Shop for Hanging Out In

It took me a while to find this place as there is no sign out the front telling you what it is. Hot tip: look for the sign for Suave. Woodlane is in there.

Woodlane has moved around quite a lot over the years and has ended up here sharing a shop with Suave ice cream.Outside woodlane BandungThe coffee here is prepared in a more manual style with no big espresso machine pumping out shots. Because of that you’ll find that the coffee is cheaper than the average in Bandung.

I tried a cappuccino and I was impressed with the flavour and consistency of the milk. Susan had an iced taro latte and she enjoyed it as well.Coffee Woodlane BandungThe shop is quite a good one for hanging out with friends especially if you’re looking for coffee under Rp20.000.

When I was there I had to hook into the wifi from the nearby dental clinic and it kept kicking me off because I was too far away. In other words, it’s not an ideal place to open a laptop and work.Woodlane Suave BandungStick to nongkrong and coffee (and perhaps ice cream) and you’ll enjoy this place.

Jalan Anggrek 36, Bandung
Instagram: @woodlanecoffee
Open Hours: 16:00 – 22:00 (ice cream open from 10:00)
Cappuccino: Rp17.000
Iced Taro Latte: Rp15.000

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