Work Coffee, Bandung: Excellent Coffee Inside an Old Colonial Building

I absolutely love old colonial buildings. Big, cool, fantastic design, built to last and just a joy to be in. It’s the same all around the world with those old buildings which have been preserved. And such is the case at Work Coffee where it’s located in an enormous old Dutch house which doesn’t need air-conditioning because of the way it’s designed.

The building retains all the original windows, floor tiles, roof tiles and ornate high ceilings. It’s these ceilings and big windows that keep the building wonderously cool even though it’s as hot as hades outside. It’s a stunning building which has been modernised by the cafe owners.Work Coffee BandungThere are plenty of places to work at Work Coffee — electricity sockets everywhere, great places to sit with a laptop including standard tables and a high bench with stools.

Of course the internet here is fast enough for most needs at 22mbps down and 7mbps.Coffeeshop Bandung Work CoffeeThe coffee here is excellent and the cups they serve the coffee in are excellent. I had a magic which was strong, punchy with silky smooth milk. Susan had an iced coffee which came in a glass without a straw. They are vehemently opposed to single use plastic here and we love that. There is nothing worse than being served a drink in a disposable plastic cup, especially when you’re having your coffee at the shop itself.Coffee At Work Coffee BandungFor those taking away here, they provide recyclable paper cups, but staff said they recommend against it because the quality drops when you take it away. Makes sense.

I also had a chocolate croissant which was OK. The croissant itself was good, but I think it was overheated to the point that it became dry and flaky — not so good. I’d recommend just eating it cold if you’re coming here for a croissant.Colonial Building Work Coffee BandungOther items on the menu include full meals such as nasi goreng, crispy chicken and pasta. It looks good, but I haven’t tried it yet.

I love this cafe. I really do. Top coffee, a great place to work and really cool without the need for air-conditioning. Fantastic.

Work Coffee
Jalan Sumbawa 28, Bandung
Instagram: @workcoffeeindonesia
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:00
WiFi: 22down/7up
Magic: Rp25.000
Iced Coffee: Rp20.000
Chocolate Croissant: Rp16.000
* Add 10% tax to all prices

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