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How Writing a Guide Book Fits in with my New Path

When I decided to give up work and pursue my passions, I really had no idea what I was doing. People always loved the story, but immediately asked what my passions were. And it’s a fair question to ask when it’s the reason that you’re giving up a 14 year career. I had no idea what my passions were. I still don’t have clear ideas, but things are not as impossibly muddy as they once were and fantastic opportunities have now presented themselves.

So I like travelling, I like taking photographs and I like food. I’d say that they’re as close to passions as I’ve ever had and when an opportunity to research accommodation, restaurants and activities, and take photographs for travelfish presented itself, I jumped at it. It was something that scared me, but also was exactly the sort of thing that I would never have been able to do whilst plugging away in an office and exactly the sort of thing that many dream about but never get a chance of doing. I did it and I’m proud of not just what I produced, but also that things worked out for me in terms of following a new path. This is the new path that I knew was possible, but had no idea how it would manifest. This is the sort of thing that could come along that you’d never expect if you decide to give up the 9-5 and pursue your passions, whatever they might be.

So it’s with gratitude that I write this post about travelling down a new path. And a bit of humility. After the most eventful year of my life, including ending a 12 year relationship, I can say that life is good! I’ll be approaching this new year with optimism and taking these sorts of opportunities as they arise.

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After learning about your 2010 and hearing about your recent adventures, I have mo doubt you will continue to discover and explore your passions in 2011. Keep taking risks. Seems more often than not they pay off.

Oh, how about a photography lesson? I will pay in macarons.

OK. Sounds like a good trade. But I will hold you to the promise of macarons. 🙂

I’m not sure what I have to offer at the moment, but I could come up with something if the trade is for macarons!

Btw Adam, I think you have much to be proud with all the hard work (ie blood, sweat, and tears) that went in to that guidebook. Well, I’m not sure if tears went into writing it…maybe a smile or two along the way!

Cheers Laura. It was a good experience. Happy to have done it and will definitely look for other unique opportunities in the future!

It’s a life goal of mine to do the same. My father’s just started work on a book about South Korea, and I think someday I’d like to do something similar. Good luck with it!

And twelve years!? I thought I was hard done by ending my relationship of two years.

Yeah, any relationship is difficult to end, but you’ve got to bounce back otherwise you can lose years of your life!

I don’t think a person could dream up a job much better than exploring Bali and writing a guidebook in the process. Glad to know you’re happy with where you’re at and where you’re headed — all the best in 2011.

Hi Adam, salam kenal! Found your blog through and oh my how glad I am to find your blog for I resonate with a lot of the things you mentioned above.

I have recently quit my 9-to-5 routines for a sabbatical, to spend time on my photography, travel and keeping up with my blogging. I am always curious about Bali’s other spots and will travel for a few weeks to explore the island, so hopefully I’ll learn some tips from your site 🙂

Somewhat I don’t dare to say that I’ll follow your path to be a travel writer, but it’s definitely an aspiration of mine 🙂 Look forward to read your blog.

@Miss Lai Lia – I’m glad some of this stuff resonates with you. I know it does with some other people as well and it’s always great to hear from others that have the same views.

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