Yumaju, Bandung: Popular and Stylish Coffee Shop

Yumaju is an ultra stylish coffee shop that is amazingly popular with the university student crowd.

I grabbed a magic and a salted caramel pastry and both were excellent. The coffee was strong and the milk textured beautifully and the temperature just perfect. The pastry with a little bit more bread-like than pastry-like, but I really enjoyed it anyway.Coffee at YumajuThe cafes has space for about 20-25 customers in side seated either on tiny lounges or normal tables. To be honest, they’re done a great job fitting so many seats in such a small space and the only drawback is that if you’re seated on a lounge, you’re not really going to have any table space.

Out the front there is additional seating and this is where most of the smokers sit. It’s a fairly large area as well.Front of YumajuPeople love to open their laptops in this cafe and that makes the wifi slightly slow. It’s still usable for sure, but it’s just not as quick as many other coffee shops in Bandung.Yumaju CoffeePrices here are middle of the road for Bandung and thankfully no tax is added to the price. An incredibly popular stylish cafe worth visiting for good coffee.

Jalan Maulana Yusuf No.10, Bandung
(0897) 757 9006
Instagram: @yumajucoffee
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00

Magic: Rp25.000
Pastry: Rp22.500

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