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It’s been over a year since I travelled to Bali to commence writing for A year in which much has happened. It’s actually a bit crazy to think how quickly the past year and a bit has gone, but here I am now, sitting in a dodgy shack in the back streets of Kuta, Bali once again contemplating writing another guidebook. This time Java!

Java is a petite-looking island home to 135 million (!!!) people nestled between enormous Sumatra and bite-sized Bali. The problem with viewing Java as petite is that it’s often easy to think that as a tourist you can breeze through in a week and more or less have it covered. Java is packed with activities for tourists such as enormous volcanoes, sprawling rainforests, white sand beaches and thousands of years worth of culture. A week is never going to be enough.

I’ll be trying to cover the entire island in about 2 and a half months and I will not be stopping to sun myself on the beach, spend late nights drinking with other backpackers or generally doing anything that wastes time. It’s a big job. And that’s a lot to do with how many cool places there are in Java, how slow travelling through the island is and the detail in which I need to do the research.

Java, here we come!

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I’m so proud of you Adam. You’re doing all that I wish I could do, or had the guts to do.

I wish you well for the future – and I miss you like hell.

We’ll catch up next year!!!!!!

Hi Adam, wow that’s really cool, good on you! Though I am sure you have a lot of hard work ahead of you, you are sure to have some amazing adventures as well. I’d love to travel to Java at some point when I’m feeling adventurous enough! Good luck and take care 🙂

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