Yellow Fever in Colombia: Free Vaccination in Bogota!

One of the problems with travelling in South America is the number of vaccinations that you should get before you go. There are so many diseases which are endemic to many South American countries that it really is wise to see a doctor before you travel.

I recently arrived in Colombia without a Yellow Fever injection. No big deal because I don’t expect that I will get it, especially because I don’t have plans to visit the jungles. But the problem is, Yellow Fever is endemic in Colombia. That is, it is prevalent in many areas of the country and if you catch it, there’s a good chance you will die from it (I read somewhere like 10%).

The main problem for most travellers visiting Yellow Fever endemic countries is that if you want to visit a non-yellow fever country afterwards, that country will usually ask you to prove that you are vaccinated against Yellow Fever. If you can’t prove it, they may deny you entry, especially if you are not a citizen of that country. So in order to avoid any hassles on my future travels and to protect against the low chance of actually getting Yellow Fever, I decided to get vaccinated against it in Bogota Airport.

How to get vaccinated against Yellow Fever for free in Bogota Airport

Located on the second floor of the Bogota Airport is a vaccination counter. You’ll see it right next to the tourist tax refund counter and it is signposted. It is open between 7am and 7pm daily and is operated by Fontibon Hospital. All you need to do is visit the clinic, take a number, fill in a form (which is in Spanish, but they give you a translation) and they will immediately vaccinate you against Yellow Fever for free. No questions asked. After vaccination, they give you a yellow booklet which is your proof of Yellow Fever vaccination.

It took me about 10 minutes from when I took a number to when I left the clinic. It was so quick and efficient that I recommend that absolutely everyone does it, no matter what your nationality. You’re going to need that booklet at some point in your future travels in order to avoid a hassle with the immigration authorities.

Fontibon Hostpital
Level 2
Bogota Airport
7am-7pm daily

So there you have it. A quick an easy way to get vaccinated against Yellow Fever in Bogota Airport.

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Hi there,
Just to say thank you very much for this blog post. Very informative and I can confirm as of September 4th 2016 – this service was still available and as described above. It was easy to find, simple form to fill in and very fast!

We spent a lot of time in Managua, Nicaragua trying to get this – it is not possible.

Thanks again,


I presume so. Please let me know if you go there and I will update the article letting people know it’s still available.

Not sure what requirement that is, but they date it on the date you got the vaccination.

I’m glad I saw this. In the US right now there is total depletion of the vaccine until mid 2018, and they are making an alternate vaccine called Stamaril for only select locations. I found it in California but it will be $600 for me and my wife. Crazy! I’m not even going to high risk areas, but I need it to go from Colombia to Ecuador. If I can just wait and get it free once I get into Colombia that would be great. The reason I’m posting is if there is any knowledge about lack of supply in Colombia. If the drug company isn’t making it right now, what are they using down there? Do they have any? Anybody know? Thx

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