Kopi Sajati, Bandung: Good Coffee Across from Immanuel Hospital

To be honest, I had pretty low expectations of Kopi Sajati before I arrived because it’s located on a busy road in an uninteresting part of town and I just couldn’t imagine what sort of clientele they might have. So I was pleasantly surprised when I entered the coffee shop and realised that many of the customers were doctors and students from Immanuel Hospital across the road.

The coffee shop is clearly targetting a certain type of customer by serving amazing specialty coffee in a tastefully decorated old school building. I had a cappuccino which was quite strong and gave me an immediate caffeine hit which lasted a few hours. Susan had a green tea macchiato which looked nothing like what you’d expect. A big Ikea-style glass filled with a matcha substance and topped with sweet foam. It was pretty good!Kopi Sajati Bandung DrinksThe fitout here is old school, but tasteful with a bunch of old furniture, plain white walls and a few more modern fittings like the lights. It works well and I’m a fan.

The working situation here isn’t the best, but it’s certainly doable if you need to open a laptop. We sat on the lounge and alternated between resting our laptops on our laps and on the coffee table. Electricity sockets are plentiful here, but the WiFi is a bit slow. Definitely fast enough for web browsing, but probably too slow to upload your latest YouTube video.Kopi Sajati Bandung InsidePrices here are fantastic and we’re surprised they can produce such a good cup of coffee at this price. But they do.Kopi Sajati Bandung CounterAnd because of all these reasons, we can safely say this is a really good coffee shop on the Bandung scene. Let’s hope the doctors keep popping in for their coffees in order to keep this place ticking over.

Kopi Sajati
Jalan Raya Kopo 200, Bandung
(0878) 1489 3322
Instagram: @kopisajati
Opening Hours: 09:00 – 21:00; closed Sundays
WiFi: 6down/1up
Cappuccino: Rp20.000
Green Tea Macchiato: Rp18.000
* No tax!

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