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Warung Kopi Imah Babaturan

Warung Kopi Imah Babaturan, Bandung: Traditional Flavours, Modern Interpretation!

We love this place. As fans of coffee and simple Indonesian food, this place ticks all the boxes.

Great manual brew coffee including Vietnam drip as well a bunch of cemilan such as pisang goreng and peuyeum. They often have heavier meals such as lontong sayur, bubur lodeh and nasi goreng.Warung atmosphere imah babaturanIt’s this simple, old style food which for us makes this place a hit. Too many places these days either do fast food or modern Indonesian food. And it’s usually crap. But Imah Babaturan does good simple food the old way. And it’s awesome.Sayur Lodeh Imah BabaturanThe fitout here is like a warung. But slightly more modern. And that’s cool too. Keeping that traditional Indonesian warung feel, but making it brighter and cleaner.Simple manual brew Imah BabaturanThe staff here are fantastic perhaps because they’re also the owners. And as we know, having the owners working in the place they own makes a whole lot of difference.Interior design Imah Babaturan-BandungSo if you’re looking for a cheap place for coffee and a simply indonesia meal in Bandung, we highly recommend Imah Babaturan. We spent Rp45.000 on 1 iced coffee with milk, 1 iced tea and one lontong sayur. That’s a bargain.

Warung Kopi Imah Babaturan
Jalan Kebon Bibit 3, Bandung
Opening Hours: daily 08:00 – 22:00
Instagram: @imahbabaturan
Es Kopi Susu: Rp15.000
Es Teh Tawar: Rp5.000
Lontong Sayur: Rp15.000

Eiger Coffee Dago Bandung

Eiger Coffee, Jalan Dago, Bandung: My Favourite Bag Shop with Coffee Shop Inside in the World

I really love this place and I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s the unique but highly stylish furniture. Maybe it’s the fitout of the shop. Maybe because it’s so spacious.

Who knows? But one thing is for sure that this place is a great place to come and have a coffee and perhaps get a bit of work done.Counter Eiger Coffee DagoOpening in the second half of 2016, Eiger Coffee Jalan Dago is basically half coffee shop, half bag shop. But it’s not just any old bag shop or coffee shop. It’s designed to be ultra modern and to give a feel of premium quality. And you know what? They pull it off really well.

The tables are made from wood and concrete and each have a power point. The chairs are different from standard cafe chairs and are comfortable, but also stylish.Seats Eiger CoffeeOn the counter is a jug of free infused water as well as a selection of cakes.

There are also a few high stools for those who like to drink their coffee while looking down on others…….Eiger Coffee and bag storeSurprise surprise. The smoking area out the front is actually really good. Not just an add-on as is the case in most coffee shops.Coffee bar Eiger coffeeThe brewing area is a thing of beauty which everything looking really stylish and the lighting setting it all off.

We also appreciated the funky murals, random wooden bike and other associated design related things. It feels good to be here.Espresso machine Eiger CoffeeThe coffee I had was of the standard you’d expect in Bandung these days. Very good. Price is about middle of the road.

The honey bunny sweety was awesome and something we’d come here specifically for.Coffee at Eiger CoffeeThe wifi here is shit. It needs to be fixed. It took me ages to get into it and when I finally did, it was too slow for Bandung standards. Yeah, I could do a bit of browsing, but it would drive me crazy if I had something important to do on it.Mural Eiger Coffee Dago BandungWifi aside, everything at Eiger Coffee is awesome. This place brings a new angle to coffee shops in Bandung and is something that others will need to work hard to catch up to.

Eiger Coffee
Jalan Dago 88, Bandung
Opening Hours: daily 08:00 – 21:00
Cappuccino: Rp25.000
Honey bunny sweety: Rp25.000

Sydwic Cafe Bandung

Sydwic, Bandung: Style Over Substance? You Be The Judge.

Sydwic Bandung takes minimalist styling to the next level with their new cafe on Jalan Cilaki.

We visited on what we were assuming would be a quiet Friday morning, but were greeted by a full house. We’d come a week earlier and also been greeted by a full house, so we can safely say that this place is booming.Back Room SydwicHow long the boom will last is anyone’s guess.

The interior of this place is what all the fuss is about because it is so damn stylish. Stark white walls, fancy furniture a plain marble top bar. The back section of the cafe is where most people want to sit because that’s where the best photos are.Front Room SydwicWe ordered a cappuccino, hot taro latte, cinnamon twist and cheese bun. The drinks were good, the cheese bun was OK and the cinnamon twist was disappointing.

The cinnamon twist is a dense, doughy piece of bread with cinnamon sugar on top. It’s so doughy that it tastes like it’s not cooked properly and we really didn’t like it. But we get the impression that our view is an outlier because it seems as though they sell a lot of them.Cappuccino & cinnamon twistWe haven’t had a chance to try the sandwiches or rice bowls yet, but the cinnamon twist wasn’t in a style we’re happy with, so we probably wouldn’t like the heavier dishes either.

With so many coffee shops opening in Bandung, it gets more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd. And having good coffee and a nice fitout is simply not enough anymore.Hot Taro Latte SydwicWhether Sydwic stands the test of time, only time will tell. But our suspicion is they’re going to have to up their game with the bread first despite the bread coming from the famous Roti Selai.

Coffee prices are quite cheap for Bandung and that will appeal to a particular market. Wifi is fast and free.Best spot at Sydwic Cafe BandungAll in all a good new coffee shop in Bandung that will be loved by many.

Jalan Cilaki 63, Bandung
(022) 727 3656
Instagram: @sydwic
Twitter: @sydwic
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 07:00 – 22:00; Friday-Sunday 07:00 – 23:00
Cappuccino: Rp24.000
Hot Taro Latte: Rp24.000
Cinnamon Twist: Rp11.500
Cheese Bun: Rp5.750

Lighthouse Coffee Brewery Bandung

Lighthouse Coffee Brewery, Bandung: Fantastic Coffee, But Few Customers

And the new coffee shops keep opening in Bandung. This time it’s Lighthouse Coffee Brewery on Jalan Surdiman.

These days, you absolutely have to serve really good coffee if you’re going to open a coffee shop in Bandung. If not, you’ll fail really quickly. Even coffee shops serving great coffee sometimes struggle to get enough business.Interior Lighthouse CoffeeSo with that in mind, we can safely say that Lighthouse does produce a good coffee. The coffee here is a little on the light side which is great for those who don’t like a really strong coffee. I had a magic (double shot ristretto with milk) and the strength was just perfect for me. Not too strong, but strong enough that I could get the taste of the coffee.Coffee at Lighthouse CoffeeThe prices here are pretty much middle of the range for Bandung. The magic was Rp29.000 which is fantastic compared to Jakarta prices and standard for Bandung (unless you go somewhere like Common Grounds where the prices are anything but common).

The interior design of Lighthouse is modern. Perhaps the most modern in Bandung. A large wooden floor, modern furniture with a mix of metal and wood as well as a big metal bar with a “follow the light” logo on it. It’s pretty cool.Inside Lighthouse Coffee BandungSadly, when we were there it was empty. We only saw one other customer come in. And that’s the way it is in Bandung coffee shops these days. You can be good, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to be full with customers. Hopefully they’ll get more and more customers in the future.Drinking coffee at Lighthouse Coffee Brewery BandungThere’s a small smoking area out the front and they do have free wifi.

Definitely a worthwhile nongkrong spot in Bandung.

Lighthouse Coffee Brewery
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman 546 Blok A-6, Bandung
(022) 2056 2121

Instagram: @lcb_bdg
Magic: Rp29.000
Hot lemon tea: Rp19.000
French fries: Rp17.000
Croissant: Rp11.000
Avocado coffee: Rp34.000

Harliman Boulangerie

Harliman Boulangerie, Bandung: Surprisingly Good Pastries!

We rarely eat good pastries in Bandung. And god knows we try. We try so many croissants, pain au chocolates and almond croissants and we can’t even remember the last time we had one. They’re so rare.

So when we decided to head out to Batununggal to try out the new pastry shop, Harliman Boulangerie, we had very low expectations. Even from the photos of instagrammers, we felt sure the pastries were going to be dry and flakey as is almost always the case in Bandung.Croissants at Harliman BoulangerieBut when we got there and tried their pastries, we were shocked. The pastries weren’t dry and flakey. They weren’t dense and bready. They were spot on and probably not far off what we’ve experienced in Paris! They were that good.Cakes and tarts at HarlimanThe pain au chocolate was a winner. The outside was only slightly stiff, but gave way as soon as our teeth sunk into it. The inside was fluffy and better still, slightly chewy.

The almond croissant was predictably dense, but surprisingly had a slight crispiness to it that we really loved.

And that’s the point here. Getting the fine balance between too crispy and too much like bread is extremely difficult. And at Harliman they’ve found that balance and as a result serve what we consider to be the best pastries in Bandung. It’s a big call, we know.

One piece of advice we’d like to give. DO NOT HAVE YOUR CROISSANT HEATED.  They offer this at Harliman, but we suspect it will dry the pastry right out and make it flakey beyond belief.Nongkrong at Harliman Boulangerie BandungLastly, a small comment on the coffee. We didn’t really enjoy the coffee here. So if you need coffee, only order one if you’re desperate. Otherwise wait until you’re able to visit somewhere else for your coffee fix.Raspberry Croissant Harliman BoulangerieHarliman is definitely worth a visit if you love pastries and is our pick for them in Bandung.

Harliman Boulangerie
Jalan Batununggal Indah Raya 164, Bandung
Opening hours: daily 09:00 – 21:00

Kedai Kopi Bara, Bandung: Centrally Located Nongkrong Spot

If you’re looking for a place to nongkrong in Bandung that is both modern and old school at the same time, look no further than Kedai Kopi Bara on Jalan Cibadak.

Located in an colonial building, Kedai Kopi Bara has been given a facelift that brings it into the 21st century. Lots of handmade wooden furniture, a couple of couches and lots of bright natural night make it feel quite modern.There’s a constant stream of the latest music playing, fast free wifi and a few books to make the place great for hanging out in.We’ve tried a range of things here and the coffee is top notch. Yes, it does compare with the best in Bandung. Susan likes green tea lattes and the iced one here is pretty much like it is everywhere.

They do a small selection of food here, but last time we visited, the kitchen wasn’t open.We find it interesting that the coffee shop isn’t that busy. Where is everyone? This is one of the better coffee shops in Bandung and it’s virtually empty!The great coffee, relaxing ambience and decent food selection make this one of our favourite nongkrong spots in Bandung. Let’s hope they get enough customers to make keeping the business going worthwhile.

Kedai Kopi Bara
Jalan Cibadak 237, Bandung
Opening Hours: daily 07:30 – 22:00
Cappuccino: Rp25.500
Iced Thai Green Tea: Rp15.000

Railway Coffee Station, Bandung: Good Coffee Near Bandung Train Station

New for 2016, Railway Coffee Station is one of the most centrally located coffee shops in all of Bandung. Located on Jalan Kebon Jukut 17 just next to Kartika Sari, it’s convenient if you’re looking for oleh-oleh and a coffee!

The coffee here is predictably good. But that’s expected in Bandung these days. If your coffee isn’t fantastic, don’t even bother opening. They’re using coffee from sfroastery here — a great little coffee shop which we really like as well.Prices here are spot on, we think. They’re at the lower end of specialty coffee prices in Bandung and that should encourage more people to visit.This place doesn’t feel like a ruko and that is a major positive. The inside is decorated with wood and metal furniture, large white tiles and a polished concrete floor. The coffee machine is a thing of beauty.For smokers or those who simply prefer the steamy outdoor temperatures, there are a few outdoor seats which are pretty good. We’re not sure how the air-conditioning compressor units on the wall outside will impact on guest comfort, but we suspect they will make it even hotter on at least a couple of the tables as they pump hot air into covered area.We really like the murals on the wall, the wifi is fast (20mb/5mb) and the staff pleasant. A worthy new addition to the Bandung coffee and nongkrong scene.

Railway Coffee Station
Jalan Kebon Jukut 17, Bandung
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 09:00 – 22:00; Fri-Sat 09:00 – 23:00
Cappuccino: Rp23.000
Ice Lychee Tea: Rp28.000

Old Ben’s Garage & Coffee, Bandung: Does it Live up to Expectations?

Old Ben’s has been around for a little while now and we finally just got around to visiting it. And we were impressed.

The building looks like a small ruko/garage and inside there are about 6 tables inside with a few lounges and stools to complement the seating arrangement.Inside Old Ben'sDesign-wise, the interior is modern and fresh, but not wildly different to the style of most modern cafes in Bandung. In other words, it’s nice, but it won’t win any design awards.

We ordered a double shot cappuccino, baked eggs (they call it braised eggs) and croquet Monsieur. The food was good, but it doesn’t stand out from the crowd. The croque Monsieur was as expected — a ham & cheese sandwich with bechamel sauce and nicely dressed side salad.The baked eggs were a little insubstantial for our tastes and needed something a little more bitey inside like chunks of chorizo or even potato. This is the problem with baked eggs. They can often leave you feeling hungry if they aren’t filled with chunky bits inside. The flavour was nice though.The cappuccino was super strong which to be honest was a little unexpected. We often find it difficult to know how strong a coffee is going to be in Bandung, so we generally like to order a double shot. The coffee in Old Ben’s is strong and we are OK with that!The orange juice wasn’t very good to be honest. We actually haven’t had a good orange juice in Bandung, so we have to rate this orange juice as standard only. The only way to make it better is to import better oranges and that is obviously too expensive for Bandung cafes.So all in all we do like Old Ben’s. It’s certainly a place we’ll be coming back to again when we’re in the Setra Sari area.

Old Ben’s Garage & Coffee
Jalan Terusan Prof. DR. Sutami No.23
Opening Hours: setiap hari jam 08:00 – 22:00
Drinks: Cappuccino double shot Rp33.000; Sunkist Rp30.000
Food: Ben’s Childhood Breakfast (baked eggs) Rp50.000Croque Monsieur Rp50.000

Kopi Kodok, Bandung: Another Manual Brew Joint to Add to the List

Kopi Kodok is a warung kopi created to cater to the same sort of crowd as Warkop Modjok and the old Armor Coffee in Tahura. A large wooden building that looks like it might blow over in the next storm.

Around the building are gardens with solid wood chairs and tables, a few umbrellas and plenty of murals for taking selfies in front of.The murals are actually one of the favourite spots in the whole place and we saw quite a lot people with their tongsis grabbing that perfect shot.This is a manual brew coffee shop, so don’t expect to get a proper cappuccino or other Espresso based drink. But do expect to get Turkish coffee, Vietnam drip, V60 and all the other manual brewing methods.We tried a few drinks here and were quite happy with the quality. But this place is not just about the drinks.It’s about nongkrong. And Kopi Kodok is a perfect place for nongkrong with its pleasant garden area, rural setting and natural wooden furniture. And because of the altitude of this place, it’s certainly a few degrees cooler than the central parts of Bandung.You can smoke anywhere here basically because there is fresh air everywhere. Even inside it’s fine because there is always a cross breeze.

An assortment of cemilan is served here and wifi is not available.Kopi Kodok is the new hip place in Bandung. Come here before it’s overrun by the masses!

Kopi Kodok
Jalan Sersan Bajuri 54, Bandung
Instagram: @kopikodok
Opening Hours: daily 08:00 – 22:00
Espresso (ibrik): Rp10.000
Single origin Arabica: Rp25.000
Milk tea: Rp20.000
Bala-bala: Rp15.000
Cireng: Rp15.000

Armor Kopi Garden, Bandung: A Sensational Place to Hang Out and Drink Coffee

Some of you might remember the original Kopi Armor located just inside Taman Hutan Raya. And you might also remember that it had to close down over legal difficulties related to government bureaucracy.

Well, the owners already owned another coffee shop called Armor Kopi Garden, but it was sort of like a hidden secret. So when the main Kopi Armor closed down in October 2016, the owners decided to encourage their customers to visit Armor Kopi Garden, just 300m up the road.Armor Kopi Garden has a massive car parking space out the front which leads up to a familiar wooden building. The building looks similar to the one at TAHURA, but it’s actually a different building. The original TAHURA building has been disassembled and moved to a location nearby.The drinks and snacks at Armor Kopi Garden are just as you remember them at Kopi Armor. Lots of manual brew coffee in both arabica and robusta, lots of snacks such as pisang goreng and roasted beans packed for you to take home.We really like the layout of Armor Kopi Garden as it really lends itself to endless nongkrong. A cool open air veranda and a cozy indoor area: it just is perfect for nongkrong.Prices here aren’t as cheap as somewhere like Warkop Modjok, but they’re not as expensive as modern coffee shops like Noah’s Barn. The cheapest coffee is still Rp10.000, but when you add fresh milk, prices do go up steeply. And that’s normal.

Drink your coffee strong and black — much cheaper.Armor Kopi Garden is in our opinion every bit as good as the previous Armor Kopi in TAHURA. Sure, there are no pine trees here, but you do get the cool breeze, lots of plants and lots of wooden furniture in a wooden building. And great coffee.A top spot to nongkrong in Bandung.

Armor Kopi Garden
Jalan Dago Pakar Utara 46D, Bandung
Instagram: @armorkopi.bdg
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Espresso Rox: Rp10.000
Americano: Rp20.000
Vietnam Drip: Rp20.000
Cafe Latte: Rp25.000
Roti Bakar: Rp20.000
Pisang Goreng: Rp20.000