Sudut Kopi, Bandung: Excellent Coffee in a Tiny Nongkrong Spot

Sudut Kopi is a name that has been around for a while and was originally at a different location. The new location is fairly central and right next door to a hostel, so you’re likely to see a few bule around from time to time.

The coffee here is excellent. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much because they serve all their drinks in single use containers which shits me no end (last time I visited they used a proper cup for the coffee). But fair’s fair and they do pump out very good coffee. In fact, the iced coffee was one of the best I’ve had because it has a strong coffee flavour unlike most in Bandung which taste like sweetened milk.Coffeeshop Bandung Sudut KopiThe coffee shop is very small with most of the seats out the front meaning it’s smoker friendly. It’s a good little hang out spot.Kopi SudutWorking here isn’t really possible because they don’t yet have WiFi, but it might be possible to snag onto the hotel’s WiFi across the road (ask the staff).Sudut Kopi BandungPrices here are very low for coffee of this standard. You get a proper espresso machine producing your coffee for Rp18.000. I don’t think it gets much cheaper than this in Bandung. What’s more, they had a promo and I only had to pay Rp15.000 for my cappuccino!Kopi Sudut BandungFantastic coffee at Sudut Kopi but a bit of a shame about the single use cups. Fix that and this place is a winner.

Sudut Kopi
Jalan Pandawa 2, Bandung
(0821) 2865 7664
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00, Fri-Sun until 23:00
WiFi: none
Cappuccino: Rp18.000
Es Kopi Sudut: Rp20.000
* Add 10% tax to all prices

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