Teman Lama, Bandung: Great Place for Hanging Out with Old Friends

We absolutely love old buildings, especially when they’re treated with care and restored to their former beauty. Teman Lama is one such place where the insides have been stripped out and replaced with a modern fitout while keeping the original structure. It looks great!

I had a cappuccino and Susan had an iced coffee and both were excellent. The cappuccino was strong, had silky smooth milk and was severed in a tulip cup. The iced coffee was strong, flavoursome and perfect for a hot day. It’s the 3rd iced coffee in a row from Bandung coffee shops which has been strong and we really love this trend.Bersama Teman Lama Cafe BandungThe food here is quite simple, but also very good. The Nasi Bakar Kencur was excellent — lots of bumbu, crispy chicken and tempe. Yore’s chicken had the potential to be bland and uninteresting, but it turned out to be tasty with the diced tomato cutting through the creaminess of the mayo. Coffee At Teman LamaThere are plenty of places to open your laptop and the chairs are comfortable enough to sit at for a few hours. Just make sure you have enough battery as the electricity sockets are limited. WiFi here was running at 22mbps down and 7mbps up when we were there and the cafe was half full.Food At Teman LamaBersama Teman Lama BandungThis is a fantastic new modern cafe on the Bandung scene with reasonable prices, high quality and a fresh look. Worth a visit.

Teman Lama
Jalan Bima 80, Bandung
(0878) 228 546
(0878) 2287 1915
Instagram: @bersama.temanlama
Opening Hours: 09:00 – 22:00, Fri & Sat until 23:00
WiFi: 22down/7up
Cappuccino: Rp25.000
Es Kopi Temanlama: Rp18.000
Yore’s Chicken: Rp38.000
Nasi Bakar Kencur: Rp40.000
* Add 15.5% tax to all prices

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