U&NKL Coffee & Tea: Great Place for Meeting Friends and Drinking Coffee

This coffee shop is attached to a trendy clothing outlet and its clientele fit right into the mold you’d expect. Young, smoking, coffee drinking nongkrongers.

The coffee shop itself is small with only one table inside and a long bench for making coffee. Outside is where the nongkrong action happens and also the smoking. It’s very lively and a top place to hang out.UNKL BandungI had a magic and it was quite good especially since it’s brewed manually and the milk is steamed on a stove. You actually wouldn’t know if you didn’t see them do it.

Susan’s iced matcha latte was pretty standard. There’s not much special you can do with one of these anyway!Magic At UNKL CoffeeWifi here is fast with 14.5mbps down and 14.5mbps up. If you need to upload something big like a YouTube video, come here!Chocolate At UNKLAll in all this is a small coffee shop great for hanging out with friends. Especially if you like to smoke while drinking coffee.UNKL Tea And Coffee

U&NKL Coffee & Tea
Jalan Trunojoyo 4, Bandung
Instagram: @unkl347
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 23:00
Magic: Rp22.000
Iced Matcha: Rp24.000
Donat: Rp3.000
* Add 10% service to all prices

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