General & Co., Bandung – Great Concept, Disappointing Execution

If there is one thing that turns me off a cafe more than anything else, it’s when I’m served a spilt coffee. I get it. Everyone makes mistakes. But when the entire side of your cup is covered in coffee and the base is swimming in a pool of it, it’s just unacceptable. And that’s what I was served at General & Co.

The coffee itself tasted ok and the price was great, but food is as much about visuals and environment as it is flavour. So I just cannot like this coffee. Big thumbs down. Sorry guys.General & Co. spilt coffeeWe also tried a beef and cheese sandwich as well as bistik oma. Both dishes were better than expected after the coffee incident. The bistik oma with plenty of vegetables and a decent amount of meat for the price. Flavour was good too.General & Co. beef and riceThe fitout of the cafe is quite nice with a large open air area with plenty of tables for nongkronging with your friends.General & Co. Bandung insideThis cafe is actually just across the road from Paskal Hypersquare Food Market, so if you come here at night, you could always grab a few snacks from across the road too.General & Co. beef & cheese sandwichBeer is served here as well and it’s open quite late.

Oh yeah, I also found I rock in my sandwich. Lucky me!General & Co. Stone in my Sandwich

General & Co.
Paskal Hypersquare, Bandung
(0878) 2100 7028
Opening Hours: 10:00 – midnight
Coffee: Rp19.000
Bistik Oma: Rp40.000
Beef Cheese Sandwich: Rp35.000

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