Lazy Lolla, Bandung: Disappointing All Round, Lots of Room to Improve

Lazy Lolla is one of those places that has been promoted crazily by Bandung food bloggers over the past few months and we just had to try it out for ourselves. Is the food really like that of a 5 star hotel? Amazing? Awesome?

Well, all we can say is that we didn’t feel quite excited about Lazy Lolla as many food bloggers. We ordered a cappuccino, taro shake, nasi goreng lazy lolla and creamy chicken mushroom and vegetable.Lazy Lolla, Bandung Food And DrinkFirstly, the food tasted quite good. The nasi goreng was wrapped in an omelette as you might get in Thailand and was quite decent. But it’s not as good as the Nasi Goreng Cikur you can get next door at Roempi. The Creamy Chicken was also not bad and something that most people would be happy with.Lazy Lolla, Bandung FoodBut the coffee wasn’t good. My cappuccino had good temperature, but the milk was frothed in a very old school style and the overall flavour wasn’t nice. I wouldn’t order this coffee again. The Taro Shake was quite good and we were happy with that.Lazy Lolla, Bandung DrinksThe fitout here is spacious and quite comfortable, but I was a bit confused about the big lounge chairs. They didn’t seem to match.Lazy Lolla, Bandung InsideI tested the internet at 16mbps down and 4mbps up which is fast enough for most things that people want to do. It’s actually a pretty relaxed place to open a laptop and get things done!

Prices here are low. In fact, they are super cheap for the sort of place they are. Thumbs up.Lazy Lolla, Bandung Coffee MachineSo all in all, Lazy Lolla is a pretty good place, but the standard in Bandung is so high right now that they need to be better.

Lazy Lolla
Jalan Anggrek 29, Bandung
Instagram: @lazy.lolla
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 23:00
Cappuccino: Ro22.000
Taro Shake: Rp25.000
Nasi Goreng: Rp31.500
Creamy Chicken: Rp35.000
* Add 15.5% tax & service to all items

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