Masagi Koffee, Bandung: Fantastic Location, But Expensive

Ciumbuleuit seems to be the IT place for opening cafes and coffee shops these days and I just don’t know how the economics works because land is so expensive up here. But Masagi is giving the cafe scene in Bandung a red hot go with higher than average prices and masses of vacant land ready to be developed.

I had a magic and Susan an iced green tea and both were excellent although I have to mention that the magic was served in a latte glass rather than the standard tulip.Masagi Koffee Coffee Shop Bandung CiumbuleuitPrices here are sky high by Bandung standards, but you’re kind of paying for the privelege of drinking your coffee in Ciumbuleuit with a large lawn on which to relax on.Coffee At Masagi KoffeeIt’s an incredibly peaceful place reminiscent of Kiputih Satu with a cool breeze blowing, very little traffic noise and plenty of greenery to soothe the soul. I love it!Large Garden At Masagi KoffeeInternet is fast at 31mbps down and 12mbps up, so you can definitely come here and upload your latest YouTube video, do some video conferencing or download the latest episodes of your favourite series.Semi Outdoor Area Masagi KoffeeWorking At Masagi KoffeeThe work table situation is a little poor, but I didn’t mind opening a laptop at the table next to the coffee machine where there is also a powerpoint.

Jalan Gunung Kareumbi 1B, Ciumbuleuit
(0878) 2389 8671
Instagram: @masagikoffee
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00
Magic: Rp35.000
Iced Green Tea Latte: Rp35.000
* No added tax!

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