Roempi, Bandung: Cheap but Good Coffee

Roempi is not as hipster as many of the new coffee shops in Bandung, but it’s also much much cheaper with a cappuccino being just Rp16.000! Bargain!

The inside of Roempi is a cross between typical hipster coffee shop and Warunk Upnormal nongkrong spot. And it works really well. Lots of places to open your laptop, lots of places to sit and chat with friends and lots of places to just drink coffee and eat food.Roempi Bandung SeatingAnd food here is mainly Indonesian food. The nasi goreng kunyit I had was really good and I can imagine their other Indonesian food to be good too. The menu is extensive and you can also find ice dishes like the ones you might find in Korea — I’ll be trying one of these next time.

The coffee was really good. Just strong enough for me, but not too strong to give you the jitters. To be honest, it was right up there with the good Bandung coffees. Top marks.Roempi Bandung CoffeeThe wifi here is quite poor with 3mbps down and 0.5mbps up when I tried it. That means you won’t be doing any video streaming or youtube uploads. But simple web browsing and instagram was OK.Roempi Bandung InsideI’m really impressed with this place. It’s a cheaper place that gives people what they want. Good coffee, good indo food, good nongkrong environment. Highly recommended.

Jalan Anggrek No.27, Bandung
(022) 720 8078
Instagram: @roempi_bdg
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 23:00 (Fri & Sat until midnight)
Cappuccino: Rp16.000
Green Healthy Juice: Rp20.000
Nasi Goreng Cikur: Rp17.000
* All prices add 15.5%

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