Wheels Coffee Roaster, Bandung: Coffee Shop for Serious Coffee Lovers

Sometimes when in Bandung it’s difficult to know if a coffee is serious about before actually visiting it. You can judge by the name, by Instagram… or anything for that matter! But after stepping inside Wheels Coffee Roaster on Jalan Eyckman, we immediately knew we were dealing with serious coffee people.

The shop is stylish without trying to be the next big thing in design. We like that because it means it’s not setting itself up as a one hit wonder. It’s here for the long haul.Wheels Coffee Serious About CoffeeThis coffee shop only serves coffee. No tea. No food. It’s for serious coffee lovers and those wanting to learn more about coffee.Coffee At Wheels Coffee BandungThe coffee here is strong. I ordered a magic and a magic is supposed to be a double ristretto in a small cup. And that’s exactly what I received. Sometimes you don’t get that in Bandung for some reason. For those wanting a less strong coffee, I can recommend the iced latte which had a light caramely flavour to it.Wheels Coffee Roasters Inside BandungInternet here is isn’t going to win any speed awards at 6.5mbps down and 3.5mbps up, but it’s fast enough for general web browsing, YouTube viewing and emails. There are a few good places to open your laptop and I’d be happy to spend a couple of hours here working.Wheels Coffee BandungWheels Coffee Roaster is a fantastic new addition to the Bandung coffee scene and one we hope lasts much longer.

Wheels Coffee Roaster
Jalan Prof Eyckman 32, Bandung
Instagram: @wheelscoffeeroasters
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10:00 – 17:00
WiFi: 6.5down/3.5up
Magic: Rp33.000
Iced Latte: Rp33.000

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