Aditi Coffee House, Bandung: Great Coffee & Fast Wifi

Aditi is one of those coffee shops that loves polished concrete. Polished concrete floors, polished concrete walls, polished concrete bench seats. We’ve seen this style before, of course, but not so much in Bandung except for Mimiti and perhaps a couple of others.

I’ve got to say that the fitout is quite pleasant and it’s actually nice to have so much cold concrete when it’s hot outside. But I’m sure opinions will vary on this.Aditi Bandung InsideThey’re using a tiny La Marzocco one group machine which seems to be doing the job adequately here as the cafe’s not really that big.Aditi Bandung CounterI tried a cappuccino and it was really strong. I like my coffee strong, but people who really aren’t into coffee very much might find it way too strong. Actually, I thought it was a really good coffee with good texture on the milk and great coffee flavour.Aditi Bandung Coffee and CroissantI’m not sure where they get their croissants, but I have seen them in other coffee shops as well. I really like these croissants. Crispy outside, chewy inside and the red velvet one I had also has custard inside. Definitely worth a try.

Aside from the pastries, Aditi also serves a range of snacks such as fried tofu as well as some bigger rice based meals.

When I used the wifi, it clocked in at 20mbps down and 40mbps up which is really quite fast. There are a few tables for setting up a laptop, so working here would be an option.Aditi Bandung Smoking AreaAll in all a fantastic new addition to the Bandung coffee scene. Check it out.

Aditi Coffee House
Jalan Kh. Ahmad Dahlan No.5, Bandung
(0822) 6253 3299
Instagram: @aditicoffeehouse 
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:00

Mocha: Rp33.000
Red Velvet Croissant: Rp22.000
* all prices add 15.5%

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