U Coffee, Bandung: Good quality, Cheap, Good Environment & Fast Wifi

We saw U Coffee some time ago when zooming past and promised we would go back at some stage. And we’re glad we did, because it’s a good one.

Located next to the driving range on Jalan Lombok, it looks small from the outside but opens up considerably once you walk inside. There’s a lot of space to hang out, open a laptop and basically just kill time. And it’s quite a pleasant place to hang out as well.U Coffee Bandung Side RoomI ordered a cappuccino and it was excellent. Silky milk, extremely strong coffee taste and quite hot. At Rp23.000, it was a bargain. Especially because it’s made with an espresso machine (not common at this price point).U Coffee Bandung CoffeSusan’s iced lemon tea was just normal. Nothing special there except 2 slices of Indonesian lemon/lime.U Coffee Bandung CounterWifi here is very fast. I clocked download at 15mbps and uploads at 21mbps. That was with a bunch of school kids on laptops upstairs doing who knows what with the wifi (surfing porn). It’s fast and that is a massive bonus.U Coffee Bandung DrinksFood options range from snacks such as tahu with chilli all the way through to pizza and spaghetti. Good one.U Coffee Bandung SnacksI really like this place. Good quality, cheap, good environment and fast wifi. A great combo that makes this place a winner in my eyes.

U Coffee
Jalan Lombok 10, Bandung
(0822) 8228 5000
Instagram: @ucoffee.bdg
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:00
Cappuccino: Rp23.000
Ice Lemon Tea: Rp20.000
Tahu Garang: Rp22.000
* Add 5% service

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