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I’ve been getting a lot of searches lately for the term “Bali Disco” and I thought I’d do all those searchers a favour and actually provide some decent info on the generalities of discos in Bali.

The main party area in Bali is in the south of island with the most popular spots being Kuta and Seminyak. Seminyak tends to cater to the more upmarket crowd where fancy cocktails and expensive clothes reign supreme. Kuta…  well it’s all about cheap drinks, cheap discos and cheap sex. There’s actually an abundance of all three and those ready to party are guaranteed a great time… Discos, nightclubs, parties…  whatever you like to call them, they are in abundance and they are all full of people all there for a great time.

So, Kuta for cheap discos and Seminyak for expensive ones. Same stuff, different prices.

When I visit Bali, I’m not really going there for this type activity and it’s easy to move away from Kuta and Seminyak into the hills or other parts of the coast… No discos!

So, all you people searching for “Bali Disco” should now go on your way and party it up!


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