Best Canggu Cafes from Kerobokan to Echo Beach (plus a few we tried so you don’t have to)

We tried all these Canggu cafes and decided to write about them so you can see which are the best cafes and which are ones you probably don’t need to waste your time on.

Just a note on Instagram. Don’t use Instagram to judge the quality of a cafe as we found absolutely zero correlation between a cafe’s awesome Instagram feed and the quality of the food. Some with poor Instagram had good food and coffee and some with fantastic Instagram feeds which served up rubbish.

Satu-Satu Coffee Company

Satu Satu Canggu InteriorLocated about halfway down Jalan Pantai Berawa, Satu-Satu is a popular modern cafe serving typical Canggu cafe food and coffee in a concrete & brick building with a large open air area out the front.Satu Satu Canggu CoffeeThe coffee here is as to be expected — excellent. The food is an eclectic mix of bowls, healthy plates and even some pasta. We didn’t try the food, but it looked quite good so it’s probably worth a try.

Satu-Satu Coffee Company
Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu
Opening hours: 08:00 – 16:30
Instagram: @satusatucoffeecompany
Coffee: Rp25.000 (tax already included!)
WiFi: 10down/25up (full cafe, faster when empty)

Hungry Bird

Hungry Bird Canggu InteriorWhen we entered this cafe, it felt more like an Internet cafe than a place which served food and coffee because every single table was taken up by at least one person, and sometimes two people, using laptops. And as customers queued out the door and stood around looking for a seat, those on laptops tapped away.Hungry Bird Canggu CoffeeOne of the reasons this place is popular with the digital nomad crowd is because the internet is incredibly fast. But the coffee here is also excellent and one of the best I’ve had in Bali so far.

The food here is pretty standard with burgers and sandwiches, rice and noodles and an assortment of pancakes. This is a no bowl zone!

Service here was dull and we didn’t see a smile from any of the staff. Maybe they were frustrated with the number tables being occupied by laptops.Hungry Bird Canggu Coffee MachineWhatever the case, the coffee is great and internet really fast. Come here if you’re a digital nomad or want a quick coffee. And get here early if you want a good seat.

Hungry Bird
Jalan Raya Semat 86, Canggu
Instagram: @hungrybirdcoffee
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 17:00, closed Sundays
Coffee: Rp25.000 (tax already included!)
WiFi: 30down/50up (full cafe, faster when empty)

The Moose Espresso Bar

The Moose Espresso Bar Kerobokan Interior 2Co-located with MyWarung® on Jalan Batu Belig, The Moose Espresso Bar is touted as the place to come to enjoy great coffee in a warung environment. Truth be told, it feels like a normal cafe to us and the prices are high even by most Bali cafe standards. That said, they do offer a breakfast packet which is what we had.The Moose Espresso Bar Kerobokan FoodFor a place wanting to be known for coffee, they were off to a bad start. Almost the whole outside of my cup was coated in spilt milk. Somehow someone had made the coffee really badly and didn’t bother to clean it up before serving. The flavour of the coffee was good and I quickly forgot the spilt coffee issues, despite having sticky hands every time I picked it up.The Moose Espresso Bar Kerobokan InteriorThe breakfast packet they offer is reasonable value. A coffee, breakfast (eggs, pancakes, smashed avo), fruit juice and fruit platter all for Rp80.000++. The fruit plate is tiny, but enough. My pancakes were dry, quite simple, but tasty all the same. I didn’t really enjoy them.

WiFi wasn’t working when we visited, so we can’t recommend it as a place to open a laptop. This is a good cafe, but with so much competition these days, it’s going to have to lift its game in a few areas to stay relevant on the Canggu cafe scene.

The Moose Espresso Bar
Jalan Batu Belig 8A, Kerobokan
Instagram: @themooseespressobar
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 01:00
Coffee: Rp32.000 (plus 15.5% tax)
WiFi: Not working

Livingstone Cafe Bakery

Livingstone Kerobokan InteriorWhen you enter Livingstone, you’re immediately interrogated about numbers of people, inside/outside and then ushered towards a table. If you want to sit where you want, just ignore the person at the door — it’s an attempt at good service which is horribly grating.

The space is large and there are plenty of spots to set up a laptop. Unfortunately the WiFi is quite slow although quick enough for emails and web browsing.Livingstone Kerobokan DrinksThe flat white I had here was a good one and definitely worth a stop if you’re on your way past. The energiser was awesome with lots of mint and ginger to freshen up your day. A decent cafe, but feels a little fake Western for us.

Livingstone Cafe and Bakery
Jalan Petitenget 88x, Kerobokan
Instagram: @livingstonebakery
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00
Coffee: Rp35.000 (add 16.5% tax)
WiFi: 2down/2up (seems to be capped speed)

The Avocado Factory

Avocado Factory Canggu CoconutWhat a fantastic concept for the Instagram generation! For the crowd who loves avocado, this place is everything you could hope for. All menu items feature avocado, but they’re more than just avocado dishes.Avocado Factory Canggu Nasi CampurAvo chocolate mousse, incredible avo burgers and nasi campur with avocado. The burger was brilliant, soft bun, tasty bacon and just enough avocado.Avocado Factory Canggu Chocolate MousseCoffee here is also very good and worth coming for on its own. We couldn’t get on the WiFi because of the ridiculous sign-in procedure, so we don’t know how fast it is. Despite WiFi issues, this is a fantastic cafe!Avocado Factory Canggu Coffee Avocado Factory Canggu Interior Avocado Factory Canggu Shake Avocado Factory Canggu Burger Avocado Factory Canggu Bowl

The Avocado Factory
Jalan Tanah Barak 52, Canggu
Instagram: @theavocadofactory
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 23:30
Coffee: Rp30.000 (add 15.5% tax)
WiFi: couldn’t get it working

Vida Cafe

Cafe Vida Canggu ExteriorIf organics and superfoods are your thing, then Vida is your place. A wonderful menu of bowls, salads, pancakes and burgers greets you when you arrive and it all sounds fantastic.Cafe Vida Canggu WrapWe tried the French toast and burrito and both were quite good, but not without some problems. The burrito was super bland, but also super healthy. The French toast was loaded with way too much fig paste, but was otherwise pretty good.Cafe Vida Canggu French ToastThe coffee here is also top notch and worth stopping in for. Cafe Vida Canggu CoffeeIt’s a crowded cafe with mediocre WiFi and not really a great place to work but that doesn’t stop some people setting up here anyway. This is a fantastic place for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but do note that it is one of the more expensive cafes in Canggu.Cafe Vida Canggu Interior

Vida Cafe
Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong 38A, Canggu
Instagram: @cafe_vida_bali
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:30
Coffee: Rp32.000 (add 15.5% tax)
WiFi: 6down/6up


Copenhagen Canggu ExteriorCopenhagen is quite different to many other cafes in Canggu in that it has a tiny menu, a small seating area and isn’t too close to where most tourists are staying when in town.Copenhagen Canggu DrinksThe coffee here is excellent and it’s extremely strong. But not bitter. Just strong. They often have a deal which combines a yummy cinnamon scroll and coffee for Rp35.000 which is a great way to have afternoon tea.Copenhagen Canggu InteriorA funky little place away from the madness closer to the beach. We love it!

Jalan Padang Linjong 71a, Canggu
Instagram: @copenhagencanggu
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 16:00
Coffee: Rp25.000 (add 15.5% tax)
WiFi: 13down/18up


Milu Canggu InteriorWith the success of Nook in Umalas, the same group has opened up a bigger establishment in Canggu and it’s a beauty.Milu Canggu ExteriorA lovely airy building with massive deck overlooking a rice field greets visitors and it’s easy to spend a few hours here with friends drinking coffee and eating smoothie bowls.Milu Canggu FoodAnd it’s one of those typical Canggu menus with breakfasts, bowls and burgers. The smoothie bowl was excellent, but we were a little disappointed with the coffee. It was OK, but steamed to within an inch of its life and miles below Bali standard these days. At dinner, we had ribs and some tapas and most of it was excellent.Milu Canggu DrinkIt’s a fantastic cafe to open a laptop in and WiFi is reasonably fast, even though the cafe was near full when we were there. Definitely a favourite in the area.Milu Canggu Interior 2

Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu
Instagram: @milubynook
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 23:00
Coffee: Rp28.000 (add 16% tax)
WiFi: 10down/20up (half full cafe)

Ruko Cafe

Ruko Cafe Canggu ExteriorLocated on the road to Pantai Berawa, this tiny cafe is something of a hit with those living and staying nearby. Every time we’ve been, it’s been packed to the brim with people sipping on coffee and downing bowls and burgers.Ruko Cafe Canggu DrinksThe coffee here is strong and excellent. Certainly worth coming for. We haven’t eaten here before, but the meals we’ve seen other people have look good.Ruko Cafe Canggu Interior 2The crowd here seems a little older than the Echo Beach crew and we even spotted some non-white people which was refreshing.Ruko Cafe Canggu InteriorTables here are limited the WiFi was broken last time we visited. No matter what the staff did, the WiFi wouldn’t come back on again. Probably not a great place to open the laptop.

Ruko Cafe
Jalan Pantai Berawa 99, Canggu
Instagram: @rukocafe
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 16:30
Coffee: Rp30.000 (no added tax!)
WiFi: not operational (on a 2nd attempt we got a choppy 20down/40up — maybe they still have intermittent problems)

Cinta Cafe

Cinta Cafe Canggu ViewWith mediocre ricefield views and a menu of breakfast, bowls and burgers, Cinta (pronounced chinta) Cafe is funky little cafe reminiscent of many other cafes in the area.

Good coffee, good western food, neat little view and fast internet. It’s actually all you need if you want a lazy breakfast, quick coffee or even an afternoon on the laptop. It’s a really relaxing place.Cinta Cafe Canggu CoffeeWe enjoyed our coffee here and loved the speed of the WiFi. Better still, it never really felt crowded and we would be happy to come here with a laptop for a few hours of work and definitely for another coffee (don’t order the Charcoal Chai! Great for Instagram, awful taste). Definitely worth a visit when in this part of Canggu.Cinta Cafe Canggu Ricefield

Cinta Cafe
Jalan Pantai Berawa 69, Canggu
Instagram: @cafecinta
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:00
Coffee: Rp30.000 (add 15.5% tax)
WiFi: 21down/40up (few customers)

Secret Spot

Secret Spot Canggu InteriorOnce a secret spot, this place is a secret no more. It’s got a good reputation for serving up healthy raw food, vegan fare and a whole bunch of bowls. If you’re into healthy food, you are going to love this place.Secret Spot Canggu CoffeeWe love the fit out of this tiny little vegetarian cafe, especially the upstairs area where you have a choice of indoor or outdoor seating. Kick back on a lounge or tiny table and enjoy yourself. It’s a fantastic space. But don’t expect to pull out your laptop and get any work done. It’s not that kind of place.Secret Spot Canggu Interior 2Our drinks here were excellent and we recommend coming for a coffee if you need a caffeine hit, but also for some clean food if you’re feeling bloated from too much nasi goreng, burgers and pancakes from other eateries. Prices here are slightly lower than average for this kind of place.

Secret Spot
Jalan Pantai Berawa 44, Canggu
Instagram: @secretspotbali
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:00
Coffee: Rp27.000 (no tax!)
WiFi: 28down/37up (not full of laptops, so probably always fast)

The Shady Shack

Shady Shack Canggu Exterior 2Located on a small road on the way down towards Echo Beach, The Shady Shack is possibly the hippest cafe in Bali right now. Persistently full, the service is often slow and inattentive.Shady Shack Canggu Cacao BowlIf raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free is your thing, The Shady Shack is your place. We don’t have dietary restrictions and usually head for the tastiest item on the menu, but at Shady Shack we struggled for something to get our teeth stuck into. It’s a massive menu of bowls, breakfast, kale and fruit which has its place, but is extremely niche in its appeal.Shady Shack Canggu Nori BowlWe ordered a lot of stuff and most of us were a little disappointed with what we got with flavours that underwhelmed. But it’s all healthy! And if you’re in need of healthy food, this might just be the place for you.Shady Shack Canggu CoffeeFor Instagram, this place is heaven. Beautifully presented dishes, clean ingredients and lots of colour. It’s every Instagrammers dream. But for us, it’s mostly smoke and mirrors with the dishes looking far better than they taste.

Prices here are sky high, but you pay for the freshness and quality of the produce on offer. It’s not a place to come and work, so leave your laptop at home and just enjoy the food. Coffee is excellent.Shady Shack Canggu ExteriorWe’re not fans of this place due to lack of flavour in the food, but this opinion is not a common one. The Shady Shack is extremely popular, especially with the health-conscious.

The Shady Shack
Jalan Tanah Barak 53, Canggu
Instagram: @theshadyshack
Opening Hours: 07:30 – 22:30
Coffee: Rp32.000
WiFi: 13down/14up

Motion Cafe

Motion Cafe Canggu ExteriorMotion Cafe is a Canggu special with an ultra modern menu of healthy food, vegetarian meals and the odd burger with real meat. There’s no doubt who the target market is here with all-day homemade granolas, protein waffles, paleo plates and lots of salads.

Prices here are about average for Canggu and you’ll find that it’s often packed due to the great combo of sensible healthy food, good flavour and reasonable prices. But as with many health food cafes, you have to be careful what you order lest you end up with something bland — like the awful banana coconut bread we had. Motion Cafe Canggu Coffee And CakeThe coffee here is excellent as it has to be in Indonesia these days. There is no room for bad coffee.

Although this is a smallish cafe, people still do come here with laptops and use the fast WiFi. A good healthy choice in Canggu.Motion Cafe Canggu Interior

Motion Cafe
Jalan Batu Bolong 69b, Canggu
Instagram: @motioncafe
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00
Coffee: Rp30.000 (tax already included!)
WiFi: 12down/42up 


Parachute Canggu ExteriorAnother cafe for the Instagram crowd (of which we are reluctantly members of), Parachute has gained a reputation due its incredibly photogenic canopy made out of an old Australian Army parachute. So is this place another triumph of style over substance? In many ways, yes.

Let’s start with the coffee. It’s excellent & one of the best we’ve had in Bali. They’re serving up coffee from 1/15, the Jakarta-based roaster and that place is still one of the best in Jakarta.Parachute Canggu CoffeeBut the food. This place is apparently run by a former 3 Michelin star chef. If that is true, I cannot for the life of me understand what is going on here with the food. It doesn’t make sense.

We ordered the pork belly on English muffin, but it was simply a bacon and egg McMuffin… you cannot describe it as pork belly. Just 2 strips of thin bacon. And the muffin was a little under done for our liking — it was quite dense and doughy. The taste was good, but it was extremely disappointing. (* on Instagram this dish seems to have large fluffy muffins, thick pieces of pork belly and a beautifully cooked egg. Compare the difference)Parachute Canggu Food Parachute Canggu InstagramThe coconut & granola parfait was equally disappointing with soggy granola on top from it sitting in the fridge for too long — the crunchy bits had soaked up all the moisture in the fridge. The flavours were ok.

The cream filled donut was very good and on a different level to the other 2 meals we had. So strange.Parachute Canggu InteriorMaybe we were unlucky and maybe lunch and dinner meals are better. But at this point in time, we just don’t buy the Instagram hype. Come for a coffee and perhaps a donut, but leave it at that.

Jalan Subak Sari 13 No. 4-8, Canggu
Instagram: @parachutebali
Opening Hours: 08:00 – midnight
Coffee: Rp35.000 (add 15.5% tax)
WiFi: 11down/12up


Machinery Canggu ExteriorLocated so far from the beach that few people think to visit, Machinery is a quiet cafe which attracts a few people with laptops and not much else.Machinery Canggu CoffeeTables here are perfect for setting up a laptop on and the WiFi is reasonably fast. Coffee prices here are around average and the quality is good.Machinery Canggu FoodWe also checked out a pork wrap which hit the spot nicely. What we really liked about this place is that it wasn’t trying to be the next Instagram sensation and not trying to be a one hit wonder like many cafes in Canggu. This place has substance and does good coffee, tasty food, is unpretentious and isn’t likely to win any Instagram awards. Hoo-fucking-ray!Machinery Canggu Interior

Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong 35, Canggu
Instagram: @machinerycafebali
Opening Hours: 07:30 – 20:00
Coffee: Rp32.000 (no added tax!)
WiFi: 14down/11up (bunch of people with laptops in cafe)


Nude Canggu ExteriorThis large cafe is extremely popular with a large outdoor seating perfect for the masses as they chow down on fantastic gluten free options, big breakfasts, burgers and bowls. It’s a pretty standard menu which tries for substance over style. In other words, don’t come here looking for the latest instagrammable dish — come here for flavour.Nude Canggu DrinksThe coffee I had here was mediocre and nothing compared to the best in Canggu. But if you’re looking to set up a laptop, there’s plenty of space and the internet is stable, but quite slow due to how many people are using it. So a coffee while surfing away on your laptop is not a bad thing despite the deficiencies in the coffee department.Nude Canggu FoodThe rosti stack was excellent and the rest of the menu looked equally appealing. It’s not instagrammable in the ultra-modern sense, but you can still get good photos without sacrificing flavour like you often have to do with good-looking food.

We’re fans of Nüde!

Jalan Raya Pantai Berawa 33, Canggu
Instagram: @nudeincanggu
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00
Coffee: Rp28.000 (add 15.5% tax)
WiFi: 2.3down/1.4up (full cafe)


Gypsy Canggu ExteriorGypsy is a little bit of an anomaly as far as cafes in this part of Canggu go. They shun style over substance and go all in on good food. And even though their focus is on taste, you can still get a few instagrams here.Gypsy Canggu FoodThe breakfast menu here is a bit light on options, but things really open up at 12 when a bunch of fantastic burgers and sandwiches are served. We tried the French toast, mille crepes and hash browns and were pleasantly surprised with how good they were.Gypsy Canggu BowlCoffee here is fantastic, the WiFi fast and there are a few places to work from. Because it’s a small cafe, it’s probably best to limit your time here on laptops anyway. One of our favourites in the Echo Beach area.Gypsy Canggu Coffee Gypsy Canggu Interior

Jalan Batu Mejan, Gang Catu 1, Canggu
Instagram: @wearegypsy
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:00
Coffee: Rp28.000 (add 15.5% tax)
WiFi: 25down/31up

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