Warung Kopi Imah Babaturan, Bandung: Traditional Flavours, Modern Interpretation!

We love this place. As fans of coffee and simple Indonesian food, this place ticks all the boxes.

Great manual brew coffee including Vietnam drip as well a bunch of cemilan such as pisang goreng and peuyeum. They often have heavier meals such as lontong sayur, bubur lodeh and nasi goreng.Warung atmosphere imah babaturanIt’s this simple, old style food which for us makes this place a hit. Too many places these days either do fast food or modern Indonesian food. And it’s usually crap. But Imah Babaturan does good simple food the old way. And it’s awesome.Sayur Lodeh Imah BabaturanThe fitout here is like a warung. But slightly more modern. And that’s cool too. Keeping that traditional Indonesian warung feel, but making it brighter and cleaner.Simple manual brew Imah BabaturanThe staff here are fantastic perhaps because they’re also the owners. And as we know, having the owners working in the place they own makes a whole lot of difference.Interior design Imah Babaturan-BandungSo if you’re looking for a cheap place for coffee and a simply indonesia meal in Bandung, we highly recommend Imah Babaturan. We spent Rp45.000 on 1 iced coffee with milk, 1 iced tea and one lontong sayur. That’s a bargain.

Warung Kopi Imah Babaturan
Jalan Kebon Bibit 3, Bandung
Opening Hours: daily 08:00 – 22:00
Instagram: @imahbabaturan
Es Kopi Susu: Rp15.000
Es Teh Tawar: Rp5.000
Lontong Sayur: Rp15.000

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