Budaraa, Bandung: Drink Coffee in a Cool Envirnoment

With all the success the crew had at Kozi Lab in the warehouse down in central Bandung, it’s no surprise that they’ve teamed up again to open another coffee shop in a different location. This time they’ve snagged a large house in Dago atas and converted it into a B&B and coffee shop. And it’s really good!

The houses in this area are all older style, but with plenty of class. I absolutely love these old houses because they still retain some charm, still have great quality fittings and still feel great to be in. Much better than most of the concrete monstrosities in Bandung.Budaraa Bandung InsideThe fitout, to be honest, is fairly minimal. It really looks and feels like a house even down to the piano, courtyard and office areas.

The coffee is good as you’d expect from this mob with my magic having plenty of punch and the milk textured beautifully. Susan’s kopi pisang susu was enjoyable and was perfect for people who want to try coffee, but don’t want to go too full on.Budaraa Bandung CoffeeWe also ordered some food and it was surprisingly good! I had the ayam tinorangsak which was coated in green chilli, but wasn’t too spicy. Susan had the sop kacang merah and she was happy with the tastiness of it. The main positive of the chicken dish for me is that they provided two small breast portions which is exactly what I wanted.Budaraa Bandung FoodThere are plenty of tables to work at and the wifi clocked in at a speedy 20mbps down and 4mbps up.

Budaraa is a good place to work, have lunch and drink great coffee.Budaraa Bandung OutsideOne last thing, the air is often THICK with cigarette smoke, so if you value your lungs, it’s probably best to avoid this place.

Jalan Bukit Dago Utara II No.11, Bandung
(0821) 1739 4118
Instagram: @budaraa
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 21:00
Magic: Rp25.000
Kopi Pisang Susu: Rp18.000
Sop Kacang Merah: Rp30.000
Ayam Tinorangsak: Rp32.000

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