Kozi Lab, Bandung: A Cozy Place to Drink Coffee with an Understated Hipster Vibe

With so many coffee shops opening in Bandung, it’s so difficult for them to stand out from the crowd. They all generally have good coffee, they all generally have a good fitout, they all generally have free wifi and are good for nongkrong. So when we visited Kozi Lab, we expected much the same, but were pleasantly surprised to a see something a little more distinct.

What makes Kozi Lab so different from other coffee shops in Bandung is that it’s in a unique location, the people who visit are artists and this makes the atmosphere unique in Bandung.Kozi Lab drink coffee in a warehouse in BandungKozi Lab is tucked deep inside a series of old military warehouses next to a bunch of other art focused shops such as design studios and fashion designers. It’s so deep inside these warehouses that it’s actually quite difficult to find.Inside-Kozi-LabOur best advice is to drive through a small gate and head towards the back of the property. There you will find a warehouse with a bunch of cars and motorbikes parked out the front. Enter this warehouse and have a walk around. You will stumble upon the coffee shop! There is no other way to describe where it is!The coffee we had was good as is usually the case now in Bandung. To compare it in quality to other places in Bandung is difficult because the standard now is so high.

So we really love this place. Kozi Lab is a place we’ll be glad to go back to over and over again. We just hope it doesn’t turn into a typical hipster place. As at this time, we don’t feel that it is too hipster. It has a nice funky, organic vibe that hasn’t been invaded by the fake artistic crowd. Awesome.Coffee in KoziLab-Bandung

Kozi Lab
Jalan Gudang Selatan 22, Bandung (go through the arched driveway and head towards the warehouses in the middle of the property. There will be lots of cars and motorbikes parked out the front)

Instagram: @kozi.lab
Opening Hours: daily 09:00 Р21:00
Magic: Rp22.000

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