Lighthouse Coffee Brewery, Bandung: Fantastic Coffee, But Few Customers

And the new coffee shops keep opening in Bandung. This time it’s Lighthouse Coffee Brewery on Jalan Surdiman.

These days, you absolutely have to serve really good coffee if you’re going to open a coffee shop in Bandung. If not, you’ll fail really quickly. Even coffee shops serving great coffee sometimes struggle to get enough business.Interior Lighthouse CoffeeSo with that in mind, we can safely say that Lighthouse does produce a good coffee. The coffee here is a little on the light side which is great for those who don’t like a really strong coffee. I had a magic (double shot ristretto with milk) and the strength was just perfect for me. Not too strong, but strong enough that I could get the taste of the coffee.Coffee at Lighthouse CoffeeThe prices here are pretty much middle of the range for Bandung. The magic was Rp29.000 which is fantastic compared to Jakarta prices and standard for Bandung (unless you go somewhere like Common Grounds where the prices are anything but common).

The interior design of Lighthouse is modern. Perhaps the most modern in Bandung. A large wooden floor, modern furniture with a mix of metal and wood as well as a big metal bar with a “follow the light” logo on it. It’s pretty cool.Inside Lighthouse Coffee BandungSadly, when we were there it was empty. We only saw one other customer come in. And that’s the way it is in Bandung coffee shops these days. You can be good, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to be full with customers. Hopefully they’ll get more and more customers in the future.Drinking coffee at Lighthouse Coffee Brewery BandungThere’s a small smoking area out the front and they do have free wifi.

Definitely a worthwhile nongkrong spot in Bandung.

Lighthouse Coffee Brewery
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman 546 Blok A-6, Bandung
(022) 2056 2121

Instagram: @lcb_bdg
Magic: Rp29.000
Hot lemon tea: Rp19.000
French fries: Rp17.000
Croissant: Rp11.000
Avocado coffee: Rp34.000

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