Call Me Bro @ Pawon Pitoe, Bandung: Surprisingly Good Coffee and Tasty Food

I love this place. I love it because it does really good food and really good coffee. And surprisingly, I rarely find cafes and/or coffee shops in Bandung that can do both coffee and food well.

I ordered a cappuccino & nasi campur Bali and Susan ordered an iced asem Jawa & nasi goreng kampung. Everything was good!Call Me Bro Cafe BandungMy cappuccino was a winner and up there with some of the good coffees in Bandung. Silky smooth fresh milk, strong coffee flavour made by a barista who knows what he’s doing. It is worth coming here for the coffee alone.Drinks At Call Me BroMy nasi campur Bali was the best one I’ve had outside of Bali. The urap took me straight back to Bali and the sambal matah was deadly, in a good way.Food At Call Me BroPrices here are mixed. Coffee is well priced especially for the quality. But the food is more expensive than many other places in Bandung. But if you have the money, I think it’s money well spent when you come here. Still, it’d be nice if they could shave 5-10k off the nasi goreng.

I clocked the wifi at 7mbps down and 2mbps up. Good enough for most uses. There are plenty of places to sit and work with a laptop and lots of electricity outlets.Upper Floor At Call Me BroThe building is not air conditioned and there are people smoking. Luckily it’s big enough that you can avoid second hand smoke. The open air nature of the building means that the second floor does get very hot during the day, so we advise sitting downstairs.

All in all a really good spot for coffee and food.

Call Me Bro & Pawon Pitoe
Jalan Lengkong Besar 6-8, Bandung
(022) 2053 1765
Instagram: @callmebro_coffeebar & @pawon_pitoe
Opening Hours: daily 09:00 – 23:00
Cappuccino: Rp25.000
Iced Asem Jawa: Rp19.000
Nasi Campur Bali: Rp64.500
Nasi Goreng Kampung: Rp34.500
* Add 12.5 tax & service

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