Daily Routine Espresso Bar Gandapura, Bandung: Tiny Coffee Shop!

We’re getting a bit bored with many of the new coffee shops in Bandung because some are getting a bit lazy. But not here at Daily Routine. They’re keeping things fresh with great coffee, cozy fitout and good working spaces.

I got a cappuccino, Susan got an iced latte. Both were excellent with my cappuccino restoring my faith in Bandung coffee once again.Coffee At Daily Routine Espresso BarSusan’s iced coffee came in a proper glass with no straw. I am shocked — in a good way. I absolutely love that they’re going against the trend of single use plastic for iced coffees.

The wifi here is quite fast at 10mbps down and 21mbps up and definitely a good speed for uploading YouTube videos. There are plenty of electricity sockets for plugging your laptop into and a couple of reasonable spots for working.Daily Routine Espresso BarIn the middle of the day, the seat out the front are exposed to the full force of the sun and aren’t very useful but they do come to life at night when the sun isn’t a problem.

An assortment of pastries is on offer for those needing a feed, but no heavy meals.Daily Routine Espresso Bar Coffee Shop BandungI’m a big fan of this little coffee shop. Great coffee, cozy fitout and a good opportunity for setting up a laptop. Faith in Bandung coffee shops restored!

Daily Routine Espresso Bar
Jalan Gandapura 34, Bandung
Instagram: @dailyroutine.espresso
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00
WiFi: 10down/21up
Cappuccino: Rp30.000
Iced Latte: Rp30.000
* No tax!

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