Dreezel Coffee, Bandung: Classic Hangout Spot for Smoking and Drinking Coffee

This is a classic nongkrong coffee shop in Bandung which is outdoors, perfect for smoking and drinking coffee.

The crowds here are a little edgier than many coffee shops in Bandung and the prices are lower too. The cheapest coffee is only Rp12.000 with a single origin manual brew only costing Rp25.000.Coffee At Dreezel Coffee Bandung It’s a rough and ready place, but that’s kind of what makes this place so popular. Seats are small stools and old drums and the tables are tiny. You’re not coming here to work. Just to nongkrong, drink coffee and smoke. Oh yeah, no elites allowed.Hangout Spot Dreezel CoffeeI’m not a big fan of this type of coffee shop, but if you like this sort of scene, you’re going to love Dreezel. And by the way, the coffee was pretty good too. (PS my coffee took about 25 minutes to come out)Dreezel Coffee Shop Bandung

Dreezel Coffee
Jalan Cisangkuy 56, Bandung
Instagram: @dreezelcoffee
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 21:00
WiFi: No wifi

5oz espresso coffee: Rp17.000

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