The Soko, Bandung: Good Hangout Spot in Dago Atas

This cafe is on top of an old hotel in Dago Pakar and it’s quite odd. But it works.

Let’s get this out of the way for starters. The hotel that this cafe is on top of looks dark,  haunted & abandoned. It’s such a weird place to put a modern cafe. But it works mainly because of the great views and the really cool air.The Soko BandungThe coffee I got served up was great and as good as most places in Bandung. Susan had the Taro Latte and she was happy with that as well.Drinks At The SokoThe atmosphere here only really kicks off at about 4pm when people come to nongkrong. It’s at this time you’ll find people reclining on beanbags and basically having a good time.The Soko Coffee Tea ChocolateIt’s also a pretty good place to get internet stuff done with plenty of tables, electricity sockets and fast wifi. Sometimes. The wifi really slowed down as more people arrived.Outdoor The SokoAll in all a good new nongkrong place on the Bandung cafe scene despite the haunted hotel below.

The Soko
Jalan Raya Resort Dago Pakar 19, Bandung
(022) 2045 4218
Instagram: @thesokoctc
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 23:00, Fri & Sat until midnight
Cappuccino: Rp28.000
Taro Latte: Rp29.000
* Add 15% tax and service

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