Kopi Barli, Bandung: Cool Hangout Place near Setrasari

Kopi Barli is an odd place that is sort of out of place in this area of town. But it’s got a lot of character and I think it deserves a little more attention than it gets.

Kopi Barli isn’t the hyped hipster places that seemingly pop up weekly in Bandung. It’s more of an art space catering to the average Indonesia who likes to smoke, drink coffee, play pool and nongkrong in the garden. And for those purposes it’s fantastic.Kopi Barli Bandung InsideI ordered a cappuccino and it was quite good. Not like some of the best in Bandung, but not far off to be honest. They know how to make good coffee. End of story. Susan had hot honey lemon and it was perfect for her given that she had a bad cold at the time. A simple drink done well.Kopi Barli Bandung CoffeeThe fitout of the place is interesting. There are pieces of art all around the place which give the cafe a pleasant feel. But it’s not ultra modern, and that makes you feel at home. Especially when you look at the garden area. It really does feel like a loungeroom albeit an outdoor one.Kopi Barli Bandung CounterThe cafe is quite breezy meaning there is no need for air conditioning. There’s a pool table which was getting plenty of use when I was there.

If you just want to hang out, there’s quite a few comfy lounges. But for those wanting to open a laptop, there are a lot of tables as well. And speaking of work, the wifi is quite fast clocking in at 10mbps up and down when I tested it out.Kopi Barli Bandung Inside ArtAll in all, Kopi Barli is an enjoyable place to visit and hang out in. If you’re up around the setrasari area, drop in and check it out.

Kopi Barli
Jalan Professor Doktor Sutami No. 91, Bandung
(022) 2027 7315
Instagram: @kopi.barli
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00 (until 23:00 on Fri & Sat)
Cappuccino: Rp30.000
Hot Honey Lemon: Rp20.000

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