Kopi Kodok, Bandung: Another Manual Brew Joint to Add to the List

Kopi Kodok is a warung kopi created to cater to the same sort of crowd as Warkop Modjok and the old Armor Coffee in Tahura. A large wooden building that looks like it might blow over in the next storm.

Around the building are gardens with solid wood chairs and tables, a few umbrellas and plenty of murals for taking selfies in front of.The murals are actually one of the favourite spots in the whole place and we saw quite a lot people with their tongsis grabbing that perfect shot.This is a manual brew coffee shop, so don’t expect to get a proper cappuccino or other Espresso based drink. But do expect to get Turkish coffee, Vietnam drip, V60 and all the other manual brewing methods.We tried a few drinks here and were quite happy with the quality. But this place is not just about the drinks.It’s about nongkrong. And Kopi Kodok is a perfect place for nongkrong with its pleasant garden area, rural setting and natural wooden furniture. And because of the altitude of this place, it’s certainly a few degrees cooler than the central parts of Bandung.You can smoke anywhere here basically because there is fresh air everywhere. Even inside it’s fine because there is always a cross breeze.

An assortment of cemilan is served here and wifi is not available.Kopi Kodok is the new hip place in Bandung. Come here before it’s overrun by the masses!

Kopi Kodok
Jalan Sersan Bajuri 54, Bandung
Instagram: @kopikodok
Opening Hours:┬ádaily 08:00 – 22:00
Espresso (ibrik): Rp10.000
Single origin Arabica: Rp25.000
Milk tea: Rp20.000
Bala-bala: Rp15.000
Cireng: Rp15.000

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